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My First Encounter with “Paleo Diet”

Due to an extremely busy working and studying schedule my diet was completely neglected for years. As a result, I started to have many problems related with my digestive system: I started to gain weight, I didn’t have energy and I felt sick almost everyday of my life.

I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and I ended up in hospital due to an acute gastroenteritis. I thought it was a point of no return but it was a turning point instead, since the doctor that assisted me told me about the Paleo Diet and it’s many benefits.

What is the “Paleo Diet”

Paleo Diet, (the short name for Paleolithic diet) also known as caveman diet or stone-age diet, is based in the consume of foods presumed to have been available to Paleolithic humans including vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, and meat.

There is scientific evidence which proves that The Paleo diet improves health by excluding foods such as dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, and alcohol or coffee. By introducing wild foods into your diet and eliminating damaged, processed foods, your digestion, immune system and health in general improve, while you start to lose weight and look younger.

My First Encounter with 1000 Paleo Recipes

I left hospital very interested in incorporate the Paleo Diet, but once I got home, I felt completely lost: how will I manage to incorporate a completely new diet in my life without enough information or time and absolutely lacking cooking skills? The next thing I did was to sit down in front of my computer and try to find on-line help and that was how I found this book.

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What is 1000 Paleo Recipes

1000 Paleo Recipes” is an ebook created in order to make the paleo diet an enjoyable experience. You can quickly search paleo recipes and prepare delicious and easy dishes. It had been designed for beginners in the kitchen and it’s composed of 15 recipes eBooks and two more books as a bonus: 31 Dessert Recipes and a Paleo Diet Quick-Start Guide, included for free.

Each book contains recipes labeled in different categories, including:

  • Chicken Recipes
  • Breakfast, Egg Recipes
  • Side Dish Recipes
  • Salad Recipes
  • Cold And Hot Veggie Recipes
  • Soup And Stew Recipes
  • Appetizer And Finger Food Recipes
  • Organ And Offal Recipes
  • Pork Recipes
  • Dressing, Condiment, And Deep Recipes
  • Fish Recipes
  • Smoothie Recipes
  • Seafood And Shellfish Recipes
  • Snacks-On-The-Go Recipes
  • Red Meat Recipes


  • 31 Dessert Recipes
  • Paleo Diet Quick-Start Guide

To Buy or Not to Buy…

At first I thought that there was an option including 1000 Paleo Recipes free download, but then I realized that actually there wasn’t and that I the only option available was 1000 Paleo Recipes buy. In order to decide whether to buy it or not, I read many 1000 Paleo Recipes reviews and users comments. I finally decided to buy it since I found it very useful: 1000 Paleo Recipes PDF format allows you to use it in your computer or in any portable media device as an iPad or cell phone, you can easily and quickly search for recipes and it includes detailed descriptions of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. As I’m a busy person, it is a very useful tool when I have to decide what to cook and it allows me to solve it in very little time.

My Advice

Since I found 1000 Paleo Recipes reviews so useful I’m now writing my own 1000 Paleo Recipes review in order to help other people who is deciding whether to buy it or not. I have already talked about my personal experience but I don’t want to end this 1000 Paleo Recipes review without mentioning the pros and cons of 1000 Paleo Recipes book and the benefits of the Paleo Diet.

1000 Paleo Recipes Pros

  • 1000 Paleo Recipes high protein: you will be introducing in your life the diet of world-class athletes based on ingredients of the highest nutritional value that provide all the protein that your body require.
  • Variety: the big amount of recipes that you will find will allow you to adapt the diet to your own taste. The word “diet” is commonly associated with some kind of effort or suffering, but with this book, you will be able to improve your wealth without stop enjoying eating!
  • Information: you will have all the information that you need to incorporate a Paleo diet in one place, avoiding hours and hours of searching. You will have access not only to 1000 Paleo recipes but also to a Paleo Diet Quick-Start Guide.
  • Access: due to its PDF format, you can consult it in any technological device as your cell phone or computer.
  • Time saving: since all the information is gathered and categorized, you can easily search for the recipe that you want and once you have decided what to eat, you can easily prepare it.
  • It includes Veggie recipes!
  • It’s cheap! Instead of $49 as normal, you can acquire the book for $27.

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1000 Paleo Recipes Cons

  • Depending on your place of residence, you may find that some ingredients are not easy to find in the local markets.
  • It could take you some time to incorporate some of the ingredients of the diet, as row meet, if you’re not accustomed to consume it or if you’ve never tasted it before.

Paleo Diet Benefits

You don’t have to be a physician to know that your body is a system and it works as a whole. Once you’ve introduced the paleo diet, you will experience many health improvements such as:

  • Burn fat and Weight loss: many people have loss weight for good, without starving and eating tasty foods. With the Paleo Diet you can eat as much as you want.
  • Digestion improvement: by eliminating processed foods from your diet, you allow your digestive system to work properly and normally and all the symptoms derived from a bad diet just disappear.
  • Immune system improvement: since most of the immune system is placed in the gut, its proper functioning is of vital importance when it comes to have the immune system working properly.
  • Cognitive function improvement: once your body doesn’t have to deal with chemicals and toxic substances any more, your brain activity increases. With the proper nutrients “fueling” it, your brain will definitely function better.
  • Increase of energy: processed food fills your body with foods that your body is not meant to absorb, as a result the body needs extra energy to digest them and you may feel quite tired. By eliminating processed foods, all that wasted energy return to you.
  • Metabolic improvement: Paleo Diet is characterized by antioxidant rich foods which fight these free-radicals, you will notice soon that the aging process has slowed down.
  • Inch loss: the paleo diet eliminates highly inflammatory foods and oil and it reduces inflammation. The inclusion of nutrient dense foods as Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids in your body assist in the healing of inflammation. You will look thinner!

A Few Words to Conclude

I was in your place and I wonder myself about the possibility that something went wrong with the pursue of 1000 Paleo Recipes book, I even googled: 1000 Paleo Recipes scam, but after reading all the 1000 Paleo Recipes reviews and comments I opted to press 1000 Paleo Recipes download and I don’t regret it. As I mentioned before, I found in it a very useful tool to introduce the Paleo Diet in my daily life and I’m pretty sure that so will you. I’ve definitely experience an improvement in my body and in my life in general. By changing to the Paleo diet I’ve changed my lifestyle for a healthier one and I notice the overall improvements within a few days and 1000 Paleo Recipes served as an inspiration to me through this process.

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