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A great and incredible increase in the number of people with overweight and serious illnesses that could have been avoided has been seen during the last years. When the junk food boom began, it became known that many people’s health would drastically fall.

But people do not care about their health but for their appearance. It is more important to burn fat and get the body of one’s dreams rather than having a strong and healthy heart or a liver that works well or a strong and active brain.

This is why many people take advantage of this situation and, without a degree in nutrition, they begin to create crazy diets that people who are desperate to change their body and lose all those extra pounds will follow and do without even thinking about whether that diet will be good for their health or not.

You can hear and read that those diets completely erase carbohydrates from the map (meaning carbohydrates to all those refined white flours) and sugars, thus causing the body to lose important nutrients that are necessary for a healthy life.

Many people go to a professional in nutrition to receive a diet according to the physical activity they perform and the calories that are approximately burned per day. But these diets do not allow people to lose weight fast, they help to lose little weight per day and they continue for a long period of time. What is tried to achieve with these controlled diets is that the person learns to eat healthy; that the person manages to incorporate a dietary habit that could be followed during the rest of his or her life.

But the problem with those diets, as stated above, is that despite being controlled, they are not fast. And what people are looking for right now is to be able to change that person who looks in the mirror and does not see himself or herself but someone else occupying his or her place.

It is for these reasons that Brian Flatt created The 2 Week Diet. He created this great book to make people feel fulfilled with their diets and bodies, so that people who were always disappointed by the diets that they started would not feel that way anymore when they finally find a diet that works.

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What is The 2 Week Diet?

The 2 Week Diet is a book that will help people burn fat faster and also lose weight through a new diet system.

Some of the many things that this book offers are:

  • A person can lose up to 16 pounds of body fat by using different techniques, which are effective and quick, to burn fat. But not only will that person burn fat, but also create a strong and muscular body in just two weeks (to be able to create muscle requires special diets and a great demand for time).
  • Thanks to this book a person can reduce up to two sizes of clothes in just two weeks.
  • For all those women who always wanted to wear a pair of waist-length trousers, they will be able to do so, because thanks to this diet people will reduce several inches of the waist area.
  • The cavalry of every woman, cellulite, will disappear. Thanks to this diet you will achieve a firmer and smoother skin.
  • This book helps and explains how to renew the energies of each person; people will no longer feel tired or fatigued as it often happens. It is demonstrated that with this diet people will feel healthy and strong.
  • Cholesterol levels will improve and if you feared the possibility of suffering from heart disease, thanks to this book that will not happen.
  • The healthy and natural foods that people will eat thanks to this diet will allow you to have healthier skin and hair.
  • Foods included in this diet will allow people’s metabolism to accelerate so that fat burning can be kept active all the time.

How Many Books does this Diet Plan Contain?

The 2 Week Diet consists of four books: the launch handbook, the diet handbook, the activity handbook and the motivation handbook.

What is the use of each book in this dietary plan?

The Launch Handbook allows you to know how to lose all those extra pounds and burn that stubborn fat that does not want to leave your body faster and more efficiently

This book explains secrets about losing or gaining weight. This book allows a person to learn through a step-by-step how to learn to control their own life and body.

Thanks to the launch handbook people will be able to learn and know all those secrets that are hidden behind the mysterious and magical solutions that fitness and health experts have tried to hide for years to have their products purchased.

It can prevent a person from regaining weight after having lost all those pounds that he had longed for. This book will explain the processes that hide behind weight gain so that a person who successfully managed to lose weight does not gain the kilos lost, and even many more.

We have been taught that breakfast is the main and prime meal of the day since after a long night of good sleep the body needs that essential fuel known as food in order to function properly, but this is a lie. The launch handbook belies this great myth and will reveal how to make the body to work properly without breakfast.

The Diet Handbook will not provide the typical prohibitive diets that are known in the market and can be purchased anywhere, no

In this book you can find some simple instructions that are personalized so that each body, because not all are equal, lose the amount of pounds that each person has to lose.

With this book you will learn how much to eat, what foods to eat and when to eat them. The best thing is that you will no longer have to spend money on products that claim to be healthy but have gone through several chemical processes along the way, and are also expensive; with this book you will know what are the foods that each person needs to buy in stores in order to lose weight and have a healthier life.

There are foods that are said to be healthy, but that is not quite true. There are certain foods that could be ruining one’s diet because they are thought to be good for weight loss, when in fact they are doing the opposite.

In this book you will find a list of all those foods that are delicious and good for weight loss, not necessarily referring to all those expensive products on the market. These healthy and rich foods can be found in any store.

With the secrets inside this book that fat that was lost during the weight loss, will not return, there will be no risk of a rebound effect (an effect that frighten anyone who has lost weight, especially women).

The Activity Handbook provides exercise routines

Exercise routines that can be done at home or anywhere, to those people who have a busy schedule, and do not have time to lose in a gym where there are other people and they may be occupying the machines that one needs to use.

But, if despite being always busy and not having time for anything, it is a person who loves going to the gym to train and forget about their life for some minutes, then this book also has a routine for these types of people.

And thanks to this book you only need 20 minutes a day and only between 3 and 4 times a week, nothing more.

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Every great change begins in the mind of every person

We all need even a small motivation that then grows and grows to achieve what we want. And above all, it takes a great motivation when it comes to making a diet, because when you do not see the expected results, one tends to be disappointed and that’s when motivation should emerge with more force.

In The Motivation Handbook you will find the motivation needed to achieve a good weight loss. There will be some techniques that allow one to have control and to focus on the objective.

As with all these books that provide true information on food, health and weight loss there can always be some malicious person who starts a lie about them. If you hear about the 2 Week Diet System Meal Plan scam, do not believe everything that is said. It really works!

It is not available for free, but you can get the four books on their official website ( at a reduced price. And the best of it all? If people fail to lose weight in those 14 days, they will be refunded. 100% Guaranteed.

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