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Basic scientific information about Acne – Definition, Causes, Types and Treatments


Acne is a chronic and inflammatory condition of the skin. The external manifestations are commonly known as pimples with such whiteheads, blackheads, cysts and nodules ranging from mild to severe cases, generally on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. It is not dangerous or contagious but it can leave scars.

The pores are connected through the follicles with the oil glands under the skin. These glands produce sebum, an oily substance, which carries dead cells outwards to the surface of the skin. Small hairs grow inside follicles. Follicles can be blocked; the oil grows under the skin thus creating an appropriate scenario for the pimple infection with bacteria -Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes).

Common Causes and Different Types

Genetic factors, some medication, certain cosmetics, hormonal imbalance and emotional stress are among the causes that can trigger the onset or outbreaks of the disease.

Whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts are the different type of acne pimples which differ in size, color and level of pain.

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Frequent Treatments

Conventional treatments mainly depend on the severity of acne. From gentle cleansing with warm water and a gentle soap, prescribed gel, lotions or creams, retinoids, topical and oral antibiotics to scar removing procedures like laser resurfacing and dermoabrasion are the available healing remedies to help do away with the disease.

About the Author – Mike Walden – Acne No More

The story of Mike Walden the author and writer of the ebook who became a Medical Researcher, Nutritionist and works as Health Consultant as well is very much the same of many of thousands of people around the world very much concerned about their appearance due to the unbearable presence of acne in their lives. He, a former sufferer, devoted much of his efforts to find a permanent cure within a short time, to end breakouts and see immediate results, to get rid of blackheads, oil excess and redness, to do away with scars and marks and to considerably enhance life quality.

Guidelines of Acne No More Program – Relevant Features, Benefits and Goals

The book is a progressive completely illustrated guide to discover how Mike cured himself and now he teaches others to get the healthiest skin they ever had without using drugs, creams or ointments or even more complicated and expensive methods. He developed a system which is effective to deal with all types of acne –mild to severe, on different body parts –face, back, shoulders, neck, and chest, either in teens or adults as well in a very quick fashion.

A program developed to treat not only the physical but also the emotional aspects of the disease. A comprehensive multi-dimensional holistic form to attack acne irrespective of its severity level, to heal the itching, burnings and side effects caused by chemicals, to reverse oily skin and large pores, to raise self-esteem, handle depression, worries and anxiety and regain social and romantic life.

There are 4 relevant features to be taken into account. First, the large quantity of information and recommendations available on acne may result contradictory and useless. Second, medication and antibiotics can worsen the condition. Third, cleansers and topic creams and lotions are not enough to reverse acne. Fourth and final, acne is a warning external manifestation of an inner imbalance to be settled in harmony.

The program aims mainly at regulating hormones balance. This is the most important action that will produce fast and visible results on the skin, hair and nails. The acne free system helps to eliminate blockage in the skin organ in a natural and permanent way adjusting irregularities and preventing breakouts.  It removes micro-organisms that make acne a long lasting suffering.  External or environmental characteristics such as daily habits are put under control. Internal mechanisms of hormone regulation and toxic elimination are strengthen. This well organized maintenance plan teaches how to counterattack negative external factors that trigger acne during and after the treatment and additionally, it provides invaluable tips to maintain the results achieved.

People who followed this holistic approach testify they have successfully eliminated existing acne in a few days or weeks and never returned. They say blackheads, oil excess, redness and peeling have completely vanished and acne mark and scars have started to fade away. And from the emotional point of view they report they have experienced an improvement of their confidence and self-assurance thus giving them more energy and enthusiasm to lead a better life.

The strategies and methods of the plan can be adapted to every person.  The set of protocols if followed correctly are really effective. Everything in the program has been designed from the personal outlook, study and experience of a real acne sufferer. It is a practical not demanding comprehensive system easy to integrate with your current way of life. It is written in a plain language with a consistent and well organized layout. It offers specialized counseling and back up via email and free access to future updates to relevant information as well.

The essence of the holistic clear skin success system is based upon the secret of 100% natural supplement to balance hormones to be taken on a daily basis, a natural product from Chile. This together with the careful periodical inner and outer cleansing, a custom-made suitable diet, a decisive weight loss and an extreme control of stress will impact directly and more than positively on the acne condition and reverse it definitely.

Regarding the skin special care, this clinically tested program shows how to prepare natural easy to follow masks with immediate visible effects. It also gives sound advice about food that add to the treatment and food that should be avoided. Detox schedules, physical exercises, good sleep, breathing strategies, relaxation techniques are also suggested to generate an integral cure of acne. Summing up, in order to treat and prevent acne adequately it is wise to adopt a new lifestyle.

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Conclusion of my Acne No More review

Having watched the video from the beginning to the very end and thoroughly read all Acne No More reviews and also the testimonials of former sufferers I can assure Acne No More is not scam and I will certainly recommend it to prevent and eliminate acne of whatever type and recover the smooth, clear and glowing skin once and for all leaving behind the long lasting emotional trauma caused by years of embarrassment and joining the thousands of persons around the world who benefited from the system.

Acne No More is 60 days 100% money back guaranteed. The special offer for only $ 37 can be paid using Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex and Paypal. The purchase is secured by Clickbank. This best selling e-book package is instantly available as an Acne No More pdf file. If you buy Acne No More you will also have access to the incredible Acne No More download bonuses at no cost.

These Acne No More free bonuses include: Bonus # 1 –The Complete Handbook of Nature´s Cures to find cures to ordinary illnesses in a natural way, Bonus # 2 –Be Your Own Doctor to know how and when you treat yourself, Bonus # 3 –The Healing Power of Water to benefit from its ability to cure diseases, Bonus # 4 –Free updates of reports on the subject for the rest of your life, and finally, Bonus # 5 –Super bonus, 3 months counseling with the author of the program to provide personal guidance via email.

So it is important not to let the opportunity go, a give it a try. The program has been widely tested and approved mostly by patients. It is worth giving it chance for you or your beloved ones. It has everything an acne sufferer needs to know. Acne No More works!

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