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The author and his remarkable piece of work

Dave Ruel who is bodybuilder competitor, winner of several championships, works as a certified nutritionist and fitness coach as well. He is widely known as the Muscle Cook due to his tremendous Anabolic Cooking recipes, all of which are included in his program.

He gathered, compiled and organized all his tips, tricks, strategies, secrets, plans and best anabolicious recipes in this eBook. All the material assembled in his piece of work is the outcome of over 10 years of trial and error and 4 years of in-depth research. All the recipes were developed, tested and selected by him to be part of his book. The recipes, about 200, were chosen according to 3 well defined principles in mind:

  • Easy to prepare
  • Full of flavor
  • Add to muscle building and fat loss

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Apart from that, the recipes also comply with other not less important goals such as:

  • Less time
  • Less money
  • Healthy cooking
  • Enjoy life

His book will reveal the hidden secrets of cooking healthy muscle building meals to gain lean muscle mass, to lose excess fat and to achieve high quality physical performances. You will learn and find as follows:

o   200, full of flavor, easy to prepare recipes to produce muscle building and fat loss

o   Basics of anabolic cooking and nutrition

o   Hints to cook and prepare quick meals plan for the week

  • Nutrition strategies after workouts to get better results
  • Tip to make a smart grocery shopping to eat healthy within your budget
  • Guidance to know the tools necessary to cook your own meals
  • Action plan when not eating at home

The Anabolic Cooking book – The Ultimate Cookbook and Complete Nutrition Guide for Bodybuilding & Fitness by The Muscle Cook, Dave Ruel

Main Content

This cookbook teaches step by step how to prepare your own tasty meals in a very short time causing an amazing impact directly on your bodybuilding and fitness activities. The book has more than 200 fitting recipes which are characterized for being absolutely appetizing, perfectly planned to improve muscle building, fat losing, healthy for all family members, not complicated and time saving.

The book will guide you through a new cooking experience and in no time and with little effort you will become the cook you never imagined you could be. You will improve your cooking skills notoriously. This # 1 bestselling book must be at hand in your kitchen shelves if you have the purpose of building up muscles, losing body fat, staying fit, performing better or just being healthy.

The Anabolic Cooking is a collection of cookbooks that have been designed specifically to teach how to make the right food tasty, how to combine meals in an appealing week plan, how to enlarge the nutrition knowledge to support muscle growth, repair and recovery, and finally get the body results expected. Additionally, you will realize of other associated health benefits that eating these foods will provide; you will look better and even feel better. You will have more energy. Your skin will be smooth and you will experience an enhanced sense of self-respect.

ANABOLIC COOKING – QUICK START – Nutrition & Cooking GUIDE – by The Muscle Cook, Dave Ruel

It contains valuable nutritional information that will add to your bodybuilding and fitness workout. You do not need any special cooking knowledge beforehand. You can start from scratch and reach a master level in the art of cooking and achieve the wanted outstanding real results. It is written in a plain language so that anyone can follow the directions.

Through the different topics dealt with in the book you will discover what exactly is in your food and what is advisable for you. Principles of anabolic cooking and diet fundamentals are also discussed. You will learn from the beginning everything related to the preparation of meals: cooking vocabulary, suitable recipes, cutting techniques and cooking methods.

You will be able to prepare a week meal plan in no more than 3 hours. You will be given lots of nutrition strategies and potent anabolic formulas to encourage the increase of lean muscle mass and speed up recovery after workouts.

Besides, you will be taught how to handle your cheat meals. There are also included some useful tips to do a smart grocery shopping and still save money. Finally, the author will help you put together all the elements so that you can have a model anabolic cooking kitchen. That is to say, that every aspect you need to know is widely covered by this book.

Many nutrition experts recommend that many small regular meals along the day are better than 2 or 3 separate meals for bodybuilding. In this way the metabolism is speed up. In this sense, in fact, this program is very effective. You can customize your own nutrition plan so that you will not be bored. It guides you in making right decisions on which foods are best for muscle building and how to make a tasteful meal out of these foods.

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The layout of the cookbook is well done and is well organized in different sections such as breakfast, chicken and poultry, seafood, beef, salads, soups and snacks. If you are truly committed to get on a bodybuilding program which may last at least several weeks, I do recommend this book.

Nowadays, research findings have proved that nutrition places a significant role in bodybuilding. The major goal of this program is to provide effective tools to produce results equivalent to the physical efforts to build up muscle body. Bodybuilding does not only imply long hours spent in the gym but also an adequate nutrition plan.

In fact, considering his own experience, Dave Ruel compiled all his knowledge and findings in a simple practical cookbook to complement bodybuilding efforts. These uncomplicated quick recipes act in an anabolic fashion.  Although many of the Anabolic Cooking recipes are very simple and easy, it does not mean they are ineffective.


This one time offer of Anabolic Cooking is available for just $9 including the 5 components and the 4 exclusive bonuses, if ordered right now.  Dave, the author, is so certain of the successful results of his system and the impact on your body and lifestyle that he supports it with his famous Ironclad, no questions asked, 60 days money back guarantee.

The purchase is Zero Risk. This means that you can evaluate it for 8 weeks. If after that trial period you are not satisfied, your money is reimbursed and you keep the program forever. You will have access to unlimited updates of Anabolic Cooking pdf free download for life as an extra bonus whether available in 6 months or in 10 ten years. Your free access is assured.

If after reading the entire Anabolic Cooking reviews and the testimonials of many fitness models, figure, bodybuilding and fitness competitors as well as ordinary people who only care about being in good shape, you still have something to ask the author you just need to contact him by entering the support site.

Once you make that crucial first move to take action and buy Anabolic Cooking cookbook you will not regret it. You will get the best bodybuilding and fitness cookbook that will change your life forever. 100% safe and secure order processed via Clickbank.

All the materials of the system are available in digital format. You simply download Anabolic Cooking pdf from the official website. It works on any computer, tablet or any other mobile device and when you confirm the purchase of the program you are enabled instant access so that you can start with the program at once!

There are no more excuses to your lack of progress in the gym. With Anabolic Cooking you will learn everything about nutrition to build a big ripped physique. You will feel secure in the kitchen and your meals will be healthy and delicious with little effort and time. No more boring food, no more packed meals, no more take-out, no more unmanageable cravings, no more stressful diets. Improving your poor eating you will undergo the most exceptional body transformation of your life.

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