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Many of the nutrition and weight loss guides that go on sale in the market today are nothing more than pages and pages full of lies that try to play with the health and hope of people who yearn to lose weight. Due to the great problem that excess of fat produces in the body, nowadays everyone can think that he or she is a specialist in nutrition, without having studied for that, or because he or she is a bodybuilder or super known in the world of fitness, they believe they have the answer to the reasons why a person does not lose weight and that is why they begin to give their opinions and advice, and sell their products.

The issue with these opinions, tips and product sales is that they are not good for people’s health. These people and the big industries that sell their products have no knowledge about the reality of people: if they have any illnesses or if they have a life so complicated that work consumes all their time and energy, or if the moment which they are going through their lives is not the cause of having an excess of fat.

The only thing that matters is selling, selling and selling. The health of people does not matter, and it is usually played with that. They usually sell pills and magic solutions that all they do is play with the hope and health of people.

There was a time when the size of the body mattered little, whether a person was thin or fat (one of the icons of feminine beauty, Marilyn Monroe, was not a super thin and skeletal model like women are nowadays, but her body had curves, and she was admired and envied by many men and women). But all that changed. Models of physical perfection are unreachable stereotypes. It is said that all these changes are for good, but are they really?

You can find a program that is not based on a strict and restrictive diet, but on learning to eat all those foods that are good for the health of people and thus be able to maintain a healthy body and mind for a prolonged period of time. This program is called the Anti-Diet Solution.

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Who is the creator of the Anti-Diet Solution?

The creator of the Anti-Diet Solution is the voice that is heard in the presentation video on its home page. This man has a diploma in exercise science, and not only that, but also has years of putting into practice what he preaches in this program. He is said to be a great expert in everything related to fitness and the transformation of the body, as well as the health of people.

According to him, all those restrictive diets or counting calories could be making a person’s body store fat instead of burning it. What he tries to do is see that diet foods or drinks are the same or even more harmful than fast foods.

In addition, he helped in the trainings of several sports professionals and he was responsible for creating as many programs for fat loss as 101 Toxic Food Ingredients, Fat Extinction and Body Fat Analysis, among others.

The creator of this program is a fitness trainer and his name is Anthony Alayon.

What is the Anti-Diet Solution?

The anti-diet solution is a system that will allow people to have a healthy weight loss and to be able to reach the body of their dreams. The good news of all this is that it is not a fast and restrictive weight loss program but what sets it apart from so many other weight loss systems and programs is that it is composed of tips that can be used during a long period of time to be able to obtain great benefits of this better way of feeding and exercises.

You could say that even the name is giving a little hint about what the program could be about, and that it is not a strict and restrictive diet in which you have to count calories and to stop eating certain food groups like carbs.

This program is against all those diets that can be found on the internet and that are harmful to the health of people; this program will be responsible for educating people on how to feed themselves and what exercises to do to have better health in the long term.

What will be known through this system?

What will be known with this system is:

  • People will know what makes a meal bad or good, or what foods will help in the burning of fat and what foods that do not collaborate with that burning and accumulate it.
  • People will learn to know the difference between bad bacteria and good bacteria.
  • People will discover how body metabolism helps to burn fat.
  • People will be able to know why the traditional fat loss programs and diets found on the internet do not just burn fat.
  • People will learn how to improve their eating habits and guide themselves so they can fight on their own against some diseases such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s.
  • People will be able to discover which exercises burn fat faster and more effectively.
  • People will have access to a probiotic diet that is good for health and it only takes 28 days.
  • People will discover little tricks to be able to cheat during meals and, in this way, to make the body burn fat faster and more efficiently.
  • People will learn how to detoxify their blood and body with this program.
  • People will know what is the author’s of this program favorite fruit by which you can burn fat faster, regardless of age and gender.
  • People will learn to reduce bone issues, the inflammation of the joints, the risk of infections, and hormonal imbalance.

What does the anti-diet solution system contain?

In addition to the main manual, you can get five special bonuses:

  • A manual that will teach all about foods rich in probiotics and enzymes.
  • A manual in which you can find different home remedies for different diseases such as stress, allergies, headache, acne, sinusitis, anxiety and warts, among others.
  • A manual where you will find a personalized probiotic diet.
  • An ebook where you will find seven recipes for back pain without the need to go to the doctor, take medication or have surgery.
  • An ebook where you will be able to know how to calm the pain and discomfort of arthritis and joint pain.

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Is this program for everyone?

Yes, this program is for anyone who wants to lose weight and burn fat, eat healthfully, and take care of their body and their health.

The author makes it clear that this program is not some kind of miracle guide that will change and transform the body of people overnight, but is a program that will teach people how to eat and keep their body active so they can have a healthier life. If you change your eating habits then you will achieve a change in the body to the point where a person is self-satisfied when he or she looks in the mirror.

The anti-diet solution is directed towards all those people who once started a diet and could not follow it because it was impossible to maintain or because after a while it was not possible to see any result.

If you read something about the “Anti Diet Solution is a scam”, it should not be believed. This program is not magical; therefore, it will only work if it is followed correctly.

You can get the anti-diet solution pdf on its official website ( at an unbelievable price. You have a guarantee that the money will be returned if you are not comfortable with it within 60 days of buying the product.

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