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People have always sought the best ways to season and flavor meals. And it has been found not only in salt, pepper and various condiments, but also in oils. The oil is not only used to flavor, but also to make the food to have a special crisp once finished, cooked and served on the plate.

These different types of oils, which each of them will then be mentioned and explained, can be added either oregano, paprika, salt or any other seasoning that is rich in flavor to create a rich sauce or a delicious juice that will be added to the finished meals to give them a touch of sophistication and elegance.

As stated in the previous paragraph, there are several types of oil, but only four of them can be considered bad and harmful to people’s health. Thanks to the technological advance oriented to food, these oils were created and invented to be sold in the market as if they were healthy and natural, but as time passed by, they were discovered to be not.

These four types of oil are:

Canola Oil: Is avoided by both insects and animals in the wild, and surely that has to mean something. Although this oil does not exist in nature under this name, it is derived from rapeseed that was used in Indian and Asian cultures for centuries, but had never been used for massive consumption as Americans do.

Due to the many processes of bleaching and deodorizing that rape plant suffers to become oil, it loses large amounts of Omega 3. Fatty degeneration of the adrenals, heart, thyroid gland and kidneys, and muscular disorders can be produced if this oil is consumed for too long.

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It is recommended to know how to read food labels, because many refined and packaged products contain this oil among its ingredients.

Cottonseed Oil: Can be found in large quantities and variety of products on the market, whether potato chips or canned goods, and even in some sports drinks like Gatorade.

Cotton is not used by industries as an edible element, but rather something that can be marketed in different ways (for example, to make t-shirts or trousers and many other articles of clothing). Since it is not used for food preparation, the cotton is sprayed and, it could be said, bathed with pesticides and dangerous poisons to keep far from crops any kind of Insects.

It is not healthy to consume the Cotonseed oil because although the cotton is not being consumed directly from the plant, the oils extracted from it contain all the pesticides that were sprayed on the plants and that altered them at a molecular level, turning them into harmful and toxic organisms . Cottonseed oil could be quite harmful to people who are allergic to peanuts, because as they have almost the same protein structure as peanuts, it becomes a food that is harmful to allergy sufferers.

Heart Disease: Is thought to be caused by cholesterol and saturated fats, and it is for this reason that when choosing oils, Safflower is preferred because it looks like a healthy option, which, unfortunately, is not.

There were some studies that showed that if animal fats were exchanged for vegetable oils such as Safflower would help blood cholesterol levels to drop dramatically. Despite the good news, what these studies failed to reveal was the large amount of Omega-6 to Omega-3 that the body was accumulating due to the high consumption of this oil.

The high numbers of deaths due to coronary artery disease or cardiovascular diseases were caused by the high consumption of Omega-6, and not by a high level of cholesterol in blood, implying that Safflower oil improved some aspects of health, but it worsened others to the irreversible point of death.

Americans have mistakenly imitated the Asians when it comes to food. Americans believe that soy oil is really good for health, but they do not take into account that Asians consume it in its fermented state, in small quantities and on a regular basis, unlike Americans who consume it daily and in large quantities.

The soybean that is consumed in the United States was mostly processed and hydrogenated. In addition, it suffered hormone disruption and thyroid damage, and unfortunately soybean oil is used in 80% around the country.

Nor should it be believed that choosing organic soy is choosing a healthier option, because there may be the possibility that even if they have the title of organic, it could be a fraud.

The food industry has been lying to people for their own benefits. Many of the foods found today in the kitchens are not quite good for health, but these industries sold them as “super-healthy.” But there is, at present, an oil that contains several health benefits for people.

It is said that nature is wise, and that is why it offers us a great variety of vegetables and fruits that are highly rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients that allow the life of a person to be healthy, and prolonged.

Minerals, vitamins and fibers are the essential nutrients that the body needs to have a healthier life. And there is an element in nature that contains all these properties, in addition to being used (before World War II) to treat and alleviate various diseases and discomforts such as earaches, constipation, skin infections, flus, coughs, malnutrition, toothaches, among others.

The Coconut Oil Secret is revealed in the book written by Jake Carney, The Coconut Oil Secret book.

What Will be Discovered in The Coconut Oil Secret?

The first thing to know about this book is that issues that the food industry was trying to hide by stating that saturated oils were much better than coconut oil will be brought to light. You will know what physicians have to say about the connection between heart disease and cholesterol. You can learn what fats people should avoid and why margarine increases the chance of heart disease.

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What are the Qualities of Coconut Oil?

Lauric acid is one of the healthiest substances on the planet and coconut has large amounts of it, making it one of the healthiest foods in the world. Thanks to lauric acid, coconut oil protects the body from bacteria, infections, parasites and viruses. You will know the reason why coconut oil is good for colon health and the amount that each person should consume according to their body weight will be recommended.

Cultures that consume small proportions of coconut oil as part of their daily diet have a low rate of a life with health problems and obesity, unlike those cultures that do not consume coconut oil daily and have an index of diseases, obesity and high diabetes. Coconut oil helps a person to be satisfied and without cravings for much longer as well as allowing to burn fat faster than other foods. Fortunately, this oil does not increase the risk of type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Coconut oil helps the thyroid gland to function properly by not having substances that block the iodine. A thyroid gland is malfunctioning when the body shows the following signs: weight gain, constipation, fatigue and depression, among others. Coconut oil can keep a person healthy and full of energy.

Coconut oil helps people’s skin to be perfect, not only if it is consumed, but also if it is used as a moisturizing cleanser that proves to be effective in protecting the skin from the sun’s rays which are harmful nowadays. It is also used to detoxify the body. Coconut oil along with a secret ingredient allows people to control acne on their skin. It is used as a good exfoliate, and people will also know the relationship between this oil and vitamins D and E.

Coconut oil helps to fight cancer since it has been discovered that cancer cells can be starved. The book tells about the seven foods that should be ingested to control cancer and those foods that should be removed to keep the cancer from moving forward.

These are just some qualities of coconut oil. This book tells you all its properties and benefits.

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You will not regret it after buying this book, you will not think that you have wasted your money.

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