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Basic Introduction: What Is Cholesterol And What Is Its Role?

Cholesterol is a substance produced by the liver which is essential for the cells of the body to work properly. It is also necessary to make some hormones, vitamin D and bile to help digestion.  It is characterized for being soft, waxy and similar to fat.

Besides, it is present in foods from animals like meat and poultry. Full-fat dairy products contain cholesterol as well. What´s more, these foods are high in saturated and trans fat. These fats cause the liver to produce more cholesterol than needed and consequently raise the level from normal to unhealthy, and that is the core of the problem.

Why Is It So Dangerous?

Cholesterol is recognized as the silent killer. Too much cholesterol in the blood combined with other substances can stick to the walls of the arteries forming plaques. Plaques narrow arteries or even block them thus increasing the hazard of suffering coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke.

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Cholesterol levels tend to rise with age. There are usually no signs or symptoms of high blood cholesterol, unless a blood test is carried out to detect it. A family antecedent, overweight or a wrong diet are among the many cholesterol triggering factors.

Cholesterol can be lowered by exercising more and eating healthier foods, more fruits and vegetables. Conventional treatments also include the use of certain remedies to cut it down.

There are two types of cholesterol: LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (high density lipoprotein). The first one, LDL cholesterol, is widely known as bad cholesterol because higher concentrations are risky for health, and the second one, HDL cholesterol, commonly referred to as good cholesterol because it is protective. To know the appropriate levels it is determining to evaluate cardiovascular risks.

Inherited genes, diet, lifestyle, weight, sex (male or female), age, race and medical record play a substantial role in cholesterol levels. Smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes add to the danger of suffering early heart conditions.

Arguments In Favour Of The Natural Approach

Crunch Cholesterol Program is a fast, safe, easy, no drugs cholesterol reduction plan created by Colin Carmichael who works as a Health Consultant and Medical Researcher. Originally he began his research to help his worried wife deal with her high cholesterol levels in a natural way without using prescribed remedies. Then he developed his natural approach to improve and eliminate high cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

If you have had no positive results trying to lower cholesterol on your own, taking nutritional supplements, following diet plans or getting rid of statin side effects this report will provide you with elements that will surely change your lifestyle.

The best cholesterol advice to save your heart that you will ever need is contained inside the pages of the eBook Crunch Cholesterol with surprisingly useful tips, suggestions to avoid supplement scams, information on the suitable or inappropriate food and the appalling truth on statin drugs which are usually the doctors’ first choice to treat an abnormal cholesterol level.

The report of the author on the web  alerts on the usual adverse threatening side effects of statin drugs such as muscular weakness and pain, sleeping problems, memory loss, vomiting or nausea, renal damage, loss of sexual desire, increase of liver enzymes, which despite all the danger and lasting consequences doctors continue to prescribe widely.

As an example of the content to be discovered in this program, the author mentions in his introductory report how to eliminate the so called “healthy” food that only increase your cholesterol level and weight. Besides, he refers to an affordable natural useful supplement and to a hidden super food to reduce cholesterol and regulate glucose imbalance.

The plan is ideal to decrease LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), increase HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), lower triglycerides, lose weight, control glucose levels, reduce blood pressure, diminish significantly the risk of a cardiovascular event or stroke.

According to the layout of Crunch Cholesterol book, you will be first introduced to some general information on the author and a summary of negative effects on health due to high cholesterol levels. In the following chapters, you will find a deep consideration to the damage cholesterol can cause to your health. Besides, you will learn about good HDL and how to raise it to a healthy level. Then, some myths and lies about cholesterol will be revealed to you as well as broaden information on cholesterol and triglycerides nightmares will be provided to you.  There is a special section devoted to appropriate foods that will guide you to manage adequately your cholesterol level and keep it under control. A series of sneaky and subtle yet effective tricks to regulate your current situation is also presented. And finally, you will get an indication of the best type of exercises and exactly how to carry them out to lower your cholesterol successfully.

The author thoroughly explains the relation between many factors such as age, weight excess, sedentary life, wrong diets, stress and cholesterol levels. Furthermore he gives a valuable piece of advice on the wrong things and circumstances that usually trigger cholesterol to high undesirable levels and relevant tips on how to handle and avoid them.

How to Buy Crunch Cholesterol – Cost, Surprise Bonuses, Guarantee, Availability, Support

Crunch Cholesterol only costs $37… a real bargain for a limited time. It is payable with any of the major credit cards.  It has 60 days no question asked money back guarantee as a backup counterpart for those who still think that the Crunch Cholesterol is scam.  100% safe and secure order processed via Clickbank.

If you order now there is a surprise bonus that consist of 64 minutes of special videos called Counter Intuitive Weight Loss Secrets That Actually Work by Colin. Yours free with your $4.95 Crunch Cholesterol trial.

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Total satisfaction is guaranteed. Crunch Cholesterol free email and consultation over the phone are at your disposal in case you need motivation or just a holding hand to stay on the track. The author is absolutely committed to help you lower cholesterol and triglycerides and improve your heart condition as well.

He is so certain of the successful results of his program that he supports it with his famous Ironclad Guarantee. The purchase is Zero Risk. This means that if you are not satisfied, your money is reimbursed and you keep the program forever. If after reading the entire Crunch Cholesterol reviews you still have something to ask the author you just need to contact him by entering the support site.

There are no shipping costs for all the materials are available in digital format for Windows or Mac. You simply download Crunch Cholesterol pdf from the official website. It works on any computer and when you confirm the purchase of the program you are enabled instant access so that you can start with the program at once!.


Having browsed through different Crunch Cholesterol reviews and having read the testimonials of patients in search of an alternative treatment to their high cholesterol stages, I have the certitude that this is the program to follow and I recommend it.

This guide is meant for anyone, men or women, who wants lead a better and healthier life. Making a few adjustments to the dietary plan it will help reduce considerably the risk of heart diseases. Even if there is a member in the family with elevated cholesterol, whatever your weight is, irrespective of your age or physical condition this book will definitely work and provide tools to control stress and guide to a more active body performing exercises that in the end will impact on the lowing of high cholesterol.

In this moment when obesity is becoming a worldwide problem, when high blood pressure appears at a younger age, when sedentary lifestyles prevail specially in large cities almost every individual has to give some consideration to cholesterol as it is affecting almost everyone. It is a proven fact that drugs are not either enough to cut down the problem effectively not good for the serious side effects.  For all the arguments exposed, this system is the overall solution because it focuses on the problem from a holistic perspective with the goal of improving the general feeling of wellbeing.

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