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Before dealing with the reference title I would like to reread and share some brief scientific information to clearly understand each and every aspect of the illness. Let us begin.

Basics of Diabetes – Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Types, General considerations

Definition: What diabetes is

Diabetes is an illness characterized by the inability of the body to generate or make use of insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas. It is released into bloodstream to transport glucose (sugar) from food into the cells. Glucose provides strength to the cells. If there is small or no production of insulin, or resistance, the glucose remains in the blood causing an increase of blood glucose level typical of patients with diabetes.

Types: How many types of diabetes can be found

There are 3 different forms of diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes: It occurs when the pancreas do not generate insulin. It is generally known as juvenile diabetes as it often affects children and adolescents.

Type 2 diabetes: It happens when the pancreas does not secrete sufficient insulin or if the cells do not use it properly, thus causing a situation named insulin resistance. It is commonly found around 45 years and over.

Gestational diabetes: Hormones block insulin causing diabetes in pregnancy which usually disappears after that period.  Once it has come out it should be kept under observation and certain lifestyle adjustments may help prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Main causes of diabetes

What causes this disorder of the metabolism is not clearly known jet. Probably it is the sum of many factors such as genetics, food habits, excess weight and sedentary life.  All of them increase the chances of developing diabetes, mainly type 2 diabetes widely spread in the recent decades.

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There are some risk factors related to lifestyle such as health habits and medical conditions that if controlled diminish the chances of having type 2 diabetes:

  • Overweight (in particular at the waist)
  • Couch potato routine
  • Smoking
  • Eating red or processed meat
  • High-fat dairy products and sweets
  • High cholesterol and triglyceride levels

There are other threatening factors beyond control. Among them it is worth mentioning: Race, family antecedent and age.

For women, gestational diabetes, overweight baby delivery and polycystic ovary syndrome can also be regarded as an additional danger factors to be taken into account.

Usual symptoms to watch out

Diabetes is characterized by the following symptoms: Extreme thirst, recurrent urination, blurred vision, excessive appetite, increased fatigue and abnormal loss of weight.

Due to the deteriorating chronic condition of the disease, if not treated adequately diabetic patients are prone to suffer heart attack and have artery troubles, kidney complications, eyes problem, nerve pain, foot injuries and teeth and gums infections. It can range from mild to severe depending on the stage.

What is exactly Diabetes Escape Plan? Who is it for?

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes?, Are you fighting diabetes?, Have any of the members of your family suffered from this condition?, Are you on the point of developing diabetes according to you latest checkups?. Whatever your condition is, from early onset to severe stages, do not give up! There is a natural approach to deal with it. Do not feel disheartened, watch the inspiring video in the official website Diabetes Escape Plan and browse through the many always positive Diabetes Escape Plan Reviews before you make your sound decision and start a brand new lifestyle.

The story of Gary Martin, the author of Diabetes Escape Plan book is really very moving for he fought Type 2 diabetes and won. He wanted to share his achievements with other sufferers and so he put all the stuff together and produced an organized, systematic, simple, step by step, easy to follow, money and time saving program. It took him a year of intensive research, multiple testing and hard work to gave birth to his program. The outcome was a complete system to escape Type 2 diabetes and its symptoms in no more than 4 weeks for anybody to follow.

In this compilation, the author reveals secrets for escaping diabetes. For example, chocolate is known to be really very bad because a single bite raises the level of sugar immediately. Nevertheless, Belgium is 3rd healthiest country partly due to low rate of type 2 diabetes of its population. Additionally, Belgium is the number one maker of anti-diabetes chocolate.

There is a type of sugar more harmful than the rest that should be identified and eliminated. You will be taught how to replace it. Another secret is the herb that can reduce blood sugar levels by 24% and cholesterol levels by 18% in only 40 days. Not to mention the magical fruit responsible of lowering blood sugar levels.

The low-cost supplement that get better insulin sensitivity by 34% in a month which is good for swelling, skin repair and tissue restoration and at the same time reduces high blood pressure without the disgusting side effects of drugs. One last example is the eleven foods to restore to health of the pancreas and get better insulin sensitivity.

Through the pages of the book, many things will be discovered such as a weird ornament hung on the hip that helps lose weight, a motivating method, a technique to avoid snacking named the shock collar, how to eat out, delicious and nutritious foods preparations, how to make rapid and uncomplicated changes, a routine to build up muscle mass and do away with fat in the abdomen, legs and buttocks in just 5 minutes.The Diabetes Escape Plan has been thought first to work for ordinary people and to save time and money in the second place. The program has been planned in parts that can be easily completed in 5 and 10 minute blocks of time.

Following the simple steps of the Type 2 Diabetes Escape Plan you will experience a clear fall in your blood sugar levels in two weeks. Moreover, you will lose weight, feel more energy and start evading type 2 diabetes. And in 4 weeks, you will be leaving aside most of your medication.

Plus 5 Free Bonuses Gifts

  • Bonus #1: The 10-Second Sugar Craving Cure using a simple psychological trick
  • Bonus #2: How to Tell When Your Doctor is Lying to You
  • Bonus #3: The Delicious Diabetes Cookbook to prepare quick and easy recipes. It also includes a printable groceryshopping
  • Bonus #4: How to Move Forward When Your Doctor Delivers Bad News using simple techniques to find hope and courage to keep on the track.
  • Bonus #5: The Couch Potato Weight Loss Workout just five minutes a day, where you normally sit. Simple and quickly movements will result in shapely arms and leg.

Why order right now?

Ordering Diabetes Escape Plan right now you will wisely invest in yourself and your health. You will get a risk free program that will definitely change your life for just $39.95, a real bargain considering the money you would save in doctor visits, medications and treatments.

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It is a one-time payment for the full package, of course the 5 bonuses gifts mentioned before are included. It is payable with any of the major credit cards. You get the program today and there are no further extras to pay ever again. You have online access to Diabetes Escape Plan download within minutes so that you can start as soon as possible.

There is no Diabetes Escape Plan scam.  The purchase is secured by a 60-day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee. If after that trial period you find the program does not meet your expectations or is just not for you, you can contact customer support for a prompt refund.

The author of the plan, Gary Martin, himself is actually committed with the success of the system sharing with diabetic patients his own achievements escaping type 2 diabetes and living a normal life again.

The results are noticeable almost immediately after starting the program. Why not give it a try and start enjoying life to the full again. It is your decision now, I have taken mine and I surely will improve my entire health and feel awesome.

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