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Even thinking about starting a diet today drives anyone crazy. To begin to weight loss with the goal of achieving the desired body and maintaining health requires a special kind of mental strength to be able to arm itself with courage and start to eat the necessary foods, which are not always the ones we like (junk food, soda pops or sweets, that is something that we know we must definitively eliminate from our eating).

But beyond having to know which foods we do not have to eat and which ones we have to, what happens with these diets is that most of them are very difficult to maintain over time, there will come a time when the body says “enough”, and we start to eat everything that comes across our path, we ingest again large quantities of foods that were banned, and here is when the rebound effect will appear. And not only can you gain back the pounds lost with the rebound effect, but you can even double them.

These kinds of diets are made for people to follow different rules about eating and to start counting calories. But this becomes arduous and tedious, and there comes a point where the brain gets tired and no longer wants to continue doing what it was doing. And all the effort put in a diet is lost.

Did you ever go to a family barbecue or a friend’s barbecue, in which everyone else ate plates and plates of meat and more meat with garnishes of super-fatty fries while one smiled in a shyly way, looked at the dishes of the others and simply asked for the smaller piece of meat with a hearty and generous salad (and making sure that the meat did not have much fat)? Well, that’s what happens with those market diets. They take you away from your loved ones and friends. “If I cannot eat this, why am I going to go?”, “Why should I go to the party? To see them eat all they want, all those junk foods, while I’m with a leaf of lettuce? No, I am not going to go there to have a bad time because I cannot eat properly.”

A diet to lose weight is not about moving away from society because they do not eat the same things as one does or because one does not want to be tempted with all those junk foods. A diet is not about locking yourself in your house and living on lettuce and tomato. A diet is supposed to keep us active, healthy, full of energy. Why stay locked in your house when you can enjoy a dinner with family and friends? That’s called an obsession. And it is not healthy.

A good diet to lose weight and being healthy should not restrict certain groups of foods as most of them do because the body will then lose important nutrients. And not only that, if the body does not get the necessary nutrients, the cravings are going to get stronger and stronger until they reach the point where one is going to throw the diet overboard and eat.

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Just as a good diet includes all food groups, a good diet will not make people count calories because it is of no use and nonsense. People should stop obsessing themselves over food; it is not healthy to live hungry when they can be satisfied for longer if eaten correctly.

But there is a solution for everything, and Eat Stop Eat book is the solution to the problems mentioned above.

What is Eat Stop Eat and Who is its Creator?

Eat Stop Eat is a book that will allow people to understand and learn to eat while they lose weight, as well as understanding how to feed themselves day by day through little tips the book gives to lose weight properly and faster. Its creator is Brad Pilon, who is a graduate in nutrition and an author of international level.

In this book people will find that:

  • They can increase the functioning of the hormone that allows the fat burning,
  • Those moments of stress and suffering from hunger and cravings will disappear,
  • It will improve both memory and concentration, and it will accelerate metabolism and increase energy levels in the body,
  • The risks to suffer of serious diseases such as diabetes will reduce,
  • You can burn belly fat and lose weight in a faster and healthier way, and
  • You will see how the body is healed little by little, both internally and externally.

This book explains the reasons why people instead of starving every day of the week and for the rest of their lives should schedule one or two days a week in which they consciously will not consume food (Called Intermittent Fasting).

What will be Achieved when the Diet of this Book Begins?

  • Obviously, the magic hormone that increases fat burning does not exist, but there is another hormone that, if properly cared for and protected, will act more efficiently when ordering the body to burn fat fast so it can be converted into energy. You have to know how to take care of it because it can lose its potential over the years, but that can be prevented from happening.
  • Unfortunately, our body is highly exposed to toxic chemicals, which are not only found in the air but also in our meals, thus damaging our health. People may not see it, but it is these toxic chemicals that cause the body not to function properly, or to feel tired or out of energy, or not to sleep well. For these reasons there are the so-called “detox remedies” which are generally based on cleaning the body through the consumption of shakes, smoothies or natural juices. But that’s just a market sale. Eat Stop Eat demonstrates that our body has the ability to detox itself without the need to consume “healthy and natural” foods sold by the market as “detox”.
  • For those people who want to grow muscle, but are afraid to start with this new diet, they should not worry because Eat Stop Eat helps the muscles to be firm and even to grow more than with the conventional diet that bodybuilders follow. In order for the muscle to grow, certain steps must be taken, such as the requirement of training really hard so that the muscle cells break and in order to be repaired some other cells and amino acids help into healing the muscle and it is then when the muscle grows. But this can be dangerous because it could happen to cause some injuries in the muscle and it does not grow properly.  Thanks to this book you will be able to grow muscle without the need to be any risk of suffering an injury.
  • Is it possible to eat more and still lose weight? Yes, Eat Stop Eat made it possible. What tells your body to accumulate fat is called insulin and if you have high levels of it then it will be impossible to lose weight. Thanks to this book, if you follow the diet correctly, your insulin levels will go down and weight loss will be possible. Another factor that will allow weight loss is oxidation, which will convert fat into energy. The metabolism will accelerate and help in weight loss if you practice Eat Stop Eat at least twice a week for a whole year.
  • Do you look in the mirror and do not recognize yourself because you see a person who seems older than you? This is due to the chronic inflammation that occurs when you are overweight and overeating. This inflammation is also responsible for other diseases that appear with age as fatty liver, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and asthma, among others. Thanks to this diet, you will reduce chronic inflammation and will begin to look the way you really have to look.

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What Happens to the Body after a Week of Starting this Diet?

The body will remain clean and fit, as well as prevent diseases or damages to the organs. Many people will stop suffering from cravings, mental stress and inevitable bingeing because of all those bad diets on the market.

“I’m too old for these things”, “I’m too obese and tired”, “I’m only in my twenties to start something like this”, “I like food too much, I will not be able to follow this diet…”, are just some of the excuses you can hear people say every day when starting a new diet because it scares them too much not to lose weight, the diet not to work, to feel disappointed.

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100% recommended for those people that no diet has given them the result they expected. You will not regret it this time.

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