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One of the greatest pleasures of life comes when one finishes eating after a long and exhausting day when you just want to sit on your couch and relax. The stomach seems to be completely satisfied and that there is not a minimum space for dessert, but what does the popular saying say? “There is always room for dessert.”

It is our brain the one who sends the signal and tells us when to stop eating, but all the senses are obnubilated and turned off when the million dollar question is asked: “Who wants dessert?” And it is at that precise moment when the stomach puts aside the food a person have just eaten and keeps a special place for dessert.

There is no better way to know what happens to the body in regard to dessert than when sitting at the table in a big and extraordinary restaurant (and even at one’s home). A person is seated at the table, with an empty plate in front of him or her after finishing eating, and, suddenly, a delicious aroma reaches its nostrils, forcing him or her to close his or her eyes and to inhale deeply. When opening his eyes, he or she sees a plate of dessert passing in the hands of a waiter. The person stares at a delicious apple pancake covered with Rhum, accompanied by two spoons of ice cream, one of chocolate and the other one of cream, topped with chocolate syrup.

The eyes of the man or woman surely opened wide and his or hers taste buds began to secrete saliva in excess (and as a well-known phrase says: “It made his or hers mouth water”). The sight and the smell are the first senses that activate when seeing a desired food or dessert.

Then comes the taste when one asks the waiter to bring that menu option and one tries a small piece of that soft caramelized dough. An explosion of pleasure runs through the body and the fork is not put down until one sees the plate empty. And here the problem comes.

Guilt and remorse. “I should not have eaten that,” “That dessert was too much,” “I do not want to know the calories I had eaten,” “Tomorrow I will go to the gym early in the morning and burn everything I just ate.” This last one statement being the most used phrase, surely if a survey is carried out, by women.

Why, then, after a great meal guilt assault us? When all is said and done, it’s just food. Eating is one of the greatest pleasures that should exist, but we do not enjoy it as such when we eat because we are afraid. But that is not because we are afraid to suffer any health problem; it is because we are much afraid to gain weight.

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Why is it that we have that senseless fear? Simple. The answer lies in the television programs and the different modern advertisements in which both men and women appear with extremely thin bodies or with impossible Barbie bodies. One is sitting on the couch, watching a TV show while enjoying a tasty ice cream when the TV series goes to the propaganda and they begin to bombard the viewer with such images. One’s eyes go from the ice cream to the television screen several times, then the spoon remains inside the bowl and the dessert is put aside. And that’s when guilt strikes.

An ordinary person is going to start taking care of himself because it cannot be possible that the man or woman of the propaganda has that body and one does not. It is at this point when one begins crazy diets to lose weight, but who said you cannot enjoy eating? Guilt Free Desserts not only seeks to take care of weight, but also health. Many products on the market say they are low fat, but contain sugar, or low carb, but contain artificial sweeteners. One cannot ask in a high-class restaurant to make desserts that are delicious and healthy at the same time, but we can try some recipes at home.

Thanks to Guilt Free Desserts not only delicious and tasty desserts can be made, but also bagels, pizzas, breads and biscuits. Easy recipes, easy desserts.  In this Guilt Free Desserts Review you will find not only the names of some of the delicious dishes that one will cook, but also how to replace the harmful sugar or white flours. The creators of the Guilt Free Desserts took their time to write the Guilt Free Desserts book and reach out to people with healthy recipes so that both kids and adults can enjoy cooking. They were responsible for taking each known recipe such as brownies, carrot cakes or cookies, analyzing which foods were healthy and which were not and were willing to change them into healthier foods, also thinking about the taste.

Many of these ingredients were replaced by healthy fibers, proteins and fats. They had to try recipes over and over again, changing the proportions of ingredients every time, until the resulting dessert was as expected: delicious and healthy. Is it possible to enjoy a chocolate cake that provides less sugar than a fruit, more fiber than cereal, a lot of protein (more than meat), and has few calories? Yes, that is possible, they did it.  But is it just that what we can cook with this book? No, you can also make different kind of mousses flavors, soufflés, gingerbread cookies, cheesecake with berries, coconut macaroons, ice-creams, and flourless chocolate cake, among others.

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Sugar, which is used not only to sweeten but also to caramelize desserts or provide a crisp factor, in all these recipes mentioned above was replaced by natural sweeteners that maintain the sweetness and texture of all the desserts, and are good for one’s health. Many cooks replace white and refined flours with whole grains thinking that in that way they are making their meals much healthier, but they are only fooling themselves and those who eat their meals and desserts. It is believed that whole grains are healthier, but that is not quite true, they can bring serious complications to the body and health. In Guilt Free Desserts recipes both white flour and whole grains were erased from the map. They were replaced with several types of gluten-free flours.

Although fats help the desserts to be delicate, to have a soft or crunchy texture, and a unique taste, the problem is that they are not good for health. But not all fats increase the risk to a disease or weight; some fats are essential and necessary for our health and also help in burning fat. Kelley Herring’s Guilt Free Desserts teaches you to distinguish between fats that are harmful to your body and fats that are beneficial to your health. In the Guilt Free Desserts pdf you can find, in addition to what was mentioned before, how to incorporate fiber into the preparation without the final result, texture and taste of the dessert being changed; which two ingredients combined have the same taste as sugar; what ingredients can be used to bind food without the need to use eggs, a “secret” ingredient that will allow you to add protein to your recipes, and a type of sugar that will help one’s triglycerides and cholesterol to lower, among other tips.

If you hear or read anything about a Guilt Free Desserts scam, do not pay attention to it. It’s a great cookbook; it will not be as conventional as others, but it helps to think of health. The great variety of advice and truths it contains helps a lot to know what foods to buy when you want to enjoy something delicious, healthy and nutritious. Now you can enjoy a good dessert without guilt! If you need more information about this product, you can look it up on the net. It does not have a free version to download, but you can find the “Guilt Free Desserts ebook” on the official page ( to buy.

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