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There are a lot of people nowadays around the world suffering from a major nuisance called acid reflux. The problem with that unbearable and painful condition is that people will be careful when they have to see what foods they will ingest in their meals and what foods they will not because they know that if they eat some respective foods their body will not be able to tolerate it and will let them know.

The carbonation and dairy found in some beverages are the main causes of this problem, which causes that many people cannot even try a small snack.

It is a cavalry for all these people not to be able to eat any of the foods they like for fear that their body will reject them and indicate that they will not be able to continue eating that because otherwise the consequence will be that serious and annoying acid reflux .

The main problem of modern medicine is that it only relieves the pain caused by acid reflux, but it does not take care of removing it from the root so that people do not have to suffer from this problem again. Eating any food makes people feel bad and then pills or medications make their bodies feel worse.

But there is always a solution to everything and this time is called Heartburn No More.

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Who is the Creator of Heartburn No More?

The creator of this book is a specialist in nutrition who has vast experience in food and digestive issues thanks to his profession.

He suffered for 11 years this great discomfort and realized that no remedy or medication (of all those he found and tried in himself) can eliminate the problem of acid reflux as these only relieve pain and discomfort momentarily. What you should do is eliminate the causes of acid reflux.

For many years this man was dedicated to investigate and inquire about the possible cures that could exist to be able to get people to get rid of this discomfort. Once he found them, he spent six months of his life compiling them and writing them on sheets of paper.

Thanks to Heartburn No More, many patients and people around the world may have been relieved to not have to suffer this condition again.

The name of the creator of this book is Jeff Martin.

What is Heartburn No More?

The first thing to know before start talking about the content of this book is what heartburn is.

Heartburn occurs when foods that are high in acid are ingested, which begins by causing a strong and sharp chest pain. This condition includes both problems in swallowing food or having a rather slow and heavy digestion as well as having problems in the stomach or colon.

This is one of the most common and most unbearable conditions with which a person lives on a daily basis. Many times this condition is due to a very bad and poor nutrition.

But to be able to avoid all these pains and problems there is Heartburn No More, which is an online guide through which people will learn to get rid of acid reflux when they manage to eliminate what causes it in their lives.

This guide is not any kind of magic diet, special medication or herbal tea, which can make the problem disappear but only temporarily. What this book is trying to do is for people to follow the information given in it so they can get rid of acid reflux in between thirty and sixty days.

According to the creator of this book, people who follow correctly the indications offered in it will obtain a lot of benefits, such as:

  • People will finally be able to free themselves from the digestive problems that bother them.
  • People will be able to eliminate both heartburn chest pain and heartburn symptoms.
  • People will be able to improve the condition in which their nails, hair, digestive system and skin look.
  • People can increase their lucidity and mental capacity.

You could say that this guide is being followed by a lot of people for three reasons:

  • The first reason is that this guide is much cheaper than having to walk to the doctor and buying pills, gels, oils, etc., with which the only ones that benefit are the pharmaceutical industries.
  • The second reason is that everything found in this book is easy to understand and super accessible to anyone. And best of all is that by being able to take it with you, people will be able to have a look at it anytime they need it.
  • The third reason is that as being based on scientific principles everything found in this book is trustworthy. Many people gave their testimonies about how this book allowed them to get rid of their digestive problems and thus have a better life.

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How does Heartburn No More work?

This guide educates people about those foods that help to produce acid reflux and those that help to fight it; it gives the nutritional information of each of the foods so that people can thus know which foods are convenient to consume in their lives.

Thanks to this information, people will be able to know which foods provide a lot of vitamins and minerals that will make the body fill with energy, or which foods are rich in collagen to have a soft and elastic skin or which foods contain lots of antioxidants.

By possessing all this knowledge people will be able to create their own diets in order to keep their bodies healthy and full of energy for much longer.

What does Heartburn No More eBook Contain?

This book explains how with only two days of detoxifying the body you can live a life free from acid reflux. The benefits of alternative medicine are explained instead of the conventional one.

In the section that talks about food, it is explained that you should consume less fat and add more fiber in the daily food of every person. It also explains how the body is able to improve or worsen the absorption of different kinds of sugars such as lactose, fructose and glucose.

There is a section that talks about drinks and gasified foods that are bad for the body as well as all those foods that are “toxic” to the body. It is advised that a person maintains a balanced diet in alkalinity and acidity.

The creator of this guide helps identify which supplements that are sold in the market really work and which of them are simply a great waste of time and money.

The secrets will be released so that people can detoxify their bodies the correct way to avoid heartburn as well as it is dedicated to provide a treatment to treat Candida, which is a yeast infection that many people who suffer from heartburn may suffer as it as well.

Does this Guide Have any Kind of Side Effects?

Like everything in this life, this guide has side effects, but do not worry about any of them. The side effects that people will have, if follow everything correctly, is that their body will be full of vitality and energy, people will gain greater concentration and their sleep will improve at night. With this guide you can have healthier skin, teeth and hair as well.

You can get Heartburn No More ebook on its official website ( at just $47, and it has a guarantee that the money will be returned if 60 days after purchasing the product one has not obtained any result or is not satisfied with the product. It also comes with three small manuals and bonuses (one to know when and how to be your own doctors, another that talks about the healing power of water and another that tells you how to handle the irritable bowel syndrome).

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