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The first thing to know about joints is that they are the connecting points between the bones of a person’s body. Joints are made up of bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. The pain and discomfort does not come properly from the joints, but from one of these many components.

Nowadays there are several supplements that allow the body to keep in good and great condition the many components of a joint, but none of these supplements is made with natural ingredients and available today in the market.

You may have a strong and healthy cartilage, but if you have weak tendons then you may begin to feel pain. Some scientists have made lots of studies until they found a great and wonderful solution that will help people with their joints problems.

Thanks to this wonderful product called Joint Regen people will get rid of that annoying joints discomfort that does not allow them to continue with their lives in a regular and normal way because of the pain that this joints produce. And if you think this is a trick or a gimmick, then you are completely wrong.

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Who is the creator of Joint Regen?

The creator of this product is known for being the owner of A.S. Research through which he, and his distinguished group of scientists, seeks that normal people like him achieve to be stronger and achieve their sporting and physical goals through better supplementation and information. The name of the creator of this product is Rick Gray.

Even he had to change his workouts some days due to the great discomfort caused by the joints, and there were even many times he had to stop training for long periods of time because his body did not allow him to train to the maximum of his ability and intensity, and because he did not make any progress or improvement.

He knows that this problem not only affects him but also bodybuilders and lovers of the fitness world, as well as any normal person who likes to train heavy. He has a lot of people writing to him and telling him about their problems with their joints, which are affecting the quality and progress in life of all of them.

But, according to Rick, the problem does not lie in the joints, but something else. The problem is that people are afraid of not being able to go on with their lives and to do what they like because of the pain they may suffer the next day. But obviously this problem is not something simple, and depending on how severe the pain different things will be damaged or lost; things such as:

  • The integrity and physical health of a person, therefore, the way in which one feels, is seen or how long will he or she live will depend on this joints soreness.
  • Any kind of recreational activity that you want to do with your children or grandchildren, which are always considered as highly valued moments in the memories of the people.
  • Being able to continue with their favorite hobbies, which are usually activities that one chooses to distract and relax through the joy and satisfaction that these hobbies can provide.
  • The profession for which so much time and effort was put, even for all those who do not make any manual activity.

What are the natural and healthy supplements that can reduce the discomfort of joints?

These natural and healthy supplements are:

  • Glucosamine Sulfate HCL: This supplement is used to make tendons, cartilage and ligaments grow. Many researchers believe that this supplement could increase the amount of fluid that surrounds joints and cartilage, or, on the contrary, reduce both of them dramatically. This kind of glucosamine is important because it is the sulfate which helps to build cartilage.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate: This supplement is usually used alongside glucosamine to calm down any kind of discomfort. It is said that it also helps to improve osteoarthritis over time and that is something that should last until the end of treatment.
  • Shark Cartilage: This supplement is said to help to combat the symptoms and causes of arthritis and to repair cartilage damage as well as to reduce joint pain and discomfort.
  • Cetyl Myristoleate: This supplement helps to lubricate muscles and joints, and it also helps to make the immune system to function as it has to, as well as it helps in fighting infections.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): This supplement can be found in small amounts in the blood of people and its function is to create blocks of proteins that can care and protect the hair, the tissue that connects the skin to joints, and muscles.
  • Boswellia Serrata Extract: this supplement is extracted from an herb that is believed to be beneficial for good joints care, as well as to increase bioavailability and absorption.
  • Boron: this supplement allows the calcium to stick and enter into the bones and the cartilages to reduce joints discomfort a little because the bones become stronger after getting the calcium they need.
  • Piperine: this supplement is an extract obtained from black pepper and thanks to it the qualities of any other supplement taken together with piperine will be absorbed in its entirety by the body.
  • Vitamin C: this supplement not only helps in the creation of collagen, but is extremely effective in relieving joints because it helps the body to free itself from free radicals, which are byproducts that are really lethal to the body. Without the benefits of vitamin C, the pain and discomfort of the joints would be even worse and more intense.
  • Manganese: This supplement can be found in kidneys, pancreas, bones and liver in very small amounts and is said to be a great anti-oxidant that helps to fight free radicals that worsen people’s health by attacking the cells in the body. This mineral along with chondroitin and glucosamine can alleviate any kind of body pain.
  • Zinc: This supplement is said to have a lot of health benefits for people, but it is its ability to reduce discomfort and pain caused by joints what makes it so “popular.” This mineral, unfortunately, is not produced in the body and must be integrated into it through a healthy diet.
  • Copper: Like Zinc, this supplement needs to be introduced into the body through a balanced diet so that it can function properly and reduce joints pain. As a plus, this supplement allows wounds to heal faster and tissues grow stronger.
  • Chromium: This supplement is never absorbed in a correct or total way by the body of people and that is why there are many of people in the United States that have a deficiency of this mineral. It is believed that this element helps to level insulin and glucose levels in blood, and in this way it helps to control the weight of people.

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All of these supplements can be found just in one, and its name is Joint Regen. In this way people will be able to calm the pains of joints without having to spend too much money on it or to became mad because they have to know which supplement to take and at what time.

The product can be purchased on its official website ( and it comes in three combos:

  • The first combo, which is not really a combo, is a $39.95 Joint Regen bottle, which lasts for one month.
  • The second combo is three bottles of Joint Regen, which last three months, for $94.95 (that is to say, you save more than 20% with this purchase).
  • The third, the best and most appropriate combo, is a Joint Regen six-pack, for $189 (that is to say, more than $50 is saved, and each bottle would cost $31.50).

The product has a guarantee that if within the 60 days of purchased the product the person is not satisfied with it, the totality of money will be returned to people.

Now is the time to fight those annoying joints in order to do the activities you love to do. Joint Regen is the best solution of all for this problem. You will not regret it.

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