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All foods (grains, fruits, vegetables, starches) that convert into glucose increase sugar in blood. When blood sugar levels rise too much, the body fights them by releasing insulin which is a hormone that pushes glucose into the cells. When blood sugar levels drop and settle down as normal again, it is when a person begins to feel hungry again.

This eternal cycle of high, normal and low levels of blood sugar is what causes you to have strong cravings all the time.

If a person is eating more carbohydrates than the body can handle, the chances are that the body will store those carbohydrates as fat, causing weight gain and unbalanced cholesterol.

Nutritional ketosis occurs when a person increases their intake of healthy fats, reduces their intake of carbohydrates, and moderates their intake of protein so that cholesterol levels increase; blood sugar and insulin levels decrease, and visceral fats, which are found around the organs, begin to disappear.

The body not only begins to burn fat indiscriminately, but also the brain will use the fat converted into ketone acids as fuel. Several studies have shown that thanks to nutritional ketosis cravings, mind fogs, abnormal cell growth, blood sugar irregularities, infertility, psychological imbalances, among other things, can be reduced.

To be able to acquire the results that are expected and enjoy an extremely healthy body, strong and as always dreamed, it is necessary to follow a diet that is quite similar to the Paleo diet but with some modifications. It is a diet free of allergens and high in whole meals that can be prepared quickly and simply. This diet is perfect for a normal life without the need to resort to packaged or canned products, or count calories every day of our lives to be able to have a good weight loss.

Have you ever dreamed of not having cravings, having a good blood pressure, glowing skin, balanced blood sugar and cholesterol, and having your body full of energy? All that is possible without restrictive diets, pills and magic solutions, or long workouts. All thanks to The Keto Beginning.

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Who is the creator of The Keto Beginning?

The creator of The Keto Beginning aims to help all those people who feel trapped and controlled by food using simple tools that will help them to have a healthier lifestyle and full of joy.

She tries that every person who starts this diet can turn their restrictions into opportunities to achieve wellness in both physical and mental health.

She is a very passionate woman of education in nutrition and her name is Leanne Vogel.

What is The Keto Beginning?

In this program you will be able to find different strategies to burn fat in a more efficient way and nutritional recipes moderate in proteins and low in carbohydrates in order to be able to provoke a ketosis (it is a metabolic situation in which by a deficit in the input of carbohydrates the body gets the necessary energy through fats, and in this way the body stops using glucose as a source of energy to use the fat).

In The Keto Beginning pdf you can find different meal plans, resources and recipes that provide a special guide system to regulate the correct and fast functioning of the metabolism, gain confidence with the body of one and achieve an improvement in health without the need to be counting, adding and subtracting the amount of calories that should be eaten in the day.

This guide will teach you how to choose and cook different foods to achieve a ketosis that allows you to reach the perfect or desired weight without the need to suffer when following very restrictive diets, to avoid that the power of the food from gain a greater place in our lives, to maintain a stable energy without the need to be eating something all the time, and to make each person love and respect himself or herself and his or her body.

The Keto Beginning is a digital book that consists of 17 chapters that include recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, legume-free, sugar-free, grain-free, high-fat, low-carb and moderate-protein. It is thanks to this new way of eating and living that the body and mind manage to be balanced and energized. It is possible to find that peace that a person has been searching for food and their body for so long.

After buying this guide, a person will be welcomed into an exclusive Facebook group of the author where they can receive advice, inspiration and support from so many people who are following this wonderful diet too.

Is The Keto Beginning for everyone?

The Keto Beginning is ideal for anyone who:

  • Has allergies so strong that any food they eat causes them to react,
  • Has problems regulating their energies,
  • Has weight problems,
  • Has tried to follow the Paleo diet, but it did not work out well because their body does not feel healthy and well yet,
  • Has to fight every day of their lives with endless and unbearable cravings,
  • Eats all the time and is never satisfied,
  • Falls asleep immediately after eating something,
  • Cannot stop thinking about food at any time,
  • Eats every two to three hours,
  • Is extremely tired of always having to carry food with themselves everywhere,
  • Suffers from blood sugar irregularities and has a constant fight with blood pressure,
  • Is pregnant, or
  • Suffers from illness.

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What is The Keto Beggining?

It is a guide that uses nutritional ketosis as the essential push for a person to achieve a new state of health that he or she did not know through tools, tips and recipes that are paleo-friendly, allergen-free and low-carbohydrate.

It can achieve an improvement in digestion and a surprising change of life through a diet based on organic, local and fresh foods that are alkaline and extremely rich in nutrients essential for a person’s health.

What will you find in The Keto Beginning?

In the beginner’s guide you will find:

  • A lot of chapters in which you will know everything you need to know in order to maintain a state of nutritional ketosis,
  • The calculations that must be made to know the amount of macronutrients that need to be consumed in the day to day,
  • Great advice that will allow you to achieve success,
  • Several spectacular supplements to achieve success,
  • Actions that cause ketone production to decrease or increase, and
  • What are the things to avoid when shopping at a store.

In the 30 -day meal plan you will find:

  • Extremely easy and quick recipes that can be made in just 15 minutes, and even in less time,
  • From two to three meals, drinks or snacks for the day to day,
  • To avoid wasting any food, you can print meal plans for the whole week,
  • That proteins can be obtained from as many foods and not just from eggs or bacon, and
  • Recipes that are sugar-free, legume-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and grain-free.

In the Weekly shopping lists you will find:

  • Recipes for various meals in which ingredients are used to make cooking faster,
  • A list that separates and differentiates certain food groups to make shopping quicker and easier, and
  • Links to sources where you can get products that are keto-friendly.

In Recipes you will find:

  • Large number of recipes that are easy to make with their respective photos, and
  • Mixes of spices that will highlight every meal that is made.

The Keto Beginning is:

  • Practical: Ketones are a great source of energy that is used without any effort by the organs of the body in order to maintain health over the years. It is a fuel that is almost impossible to finish because it is renewable. It is intended to bring about a change in people’s lifestyles in the long run.
  • Liberating: When a person concentrates on eating those foods that make them feel good, they can release a lot of energy that is hot, efficient and liberating. It is a kind of energy that keeps a person active, inspired and with the mind in obtaining results.
  • Powerful: A person who wants to achieve a resounding change in their life and start thinking about their health before anything else has to realize that everything he or she knows about nutrition and health is backwards, upside down and inside out. Thanks to nutritional ketosis you can improve your health.
  • A New Approach: The first thing to do before wanting to change your life is to accept that those foods that you are consuming on a daily basis are no longer working correctly for you. People are usually tied to a lifestyle and food that no longer works for them. As soon as you change your way, you will see that what is expected later is better.

On the page ( you can see and read different opinions about different people on how well the diet made them feel and how much they changed their lives since they started.

The Keto Beginning pdf can be found at: for an incredible price.

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