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My own practical experience

A few months ago, I knew I had to do something about my health. I was feeling rather tired all the time and also had to lose weight. Not knowing where to start or what to do, I came across several Ketosis Cookbook reviews on the Internet which at the beginning provided me with substantial information, and then engaged me in such a way that finally helped me decide to enter into a Ketogenic Diet.

  • Principles of the Keto Diet

To make it easy to understand, let´s say that the keto diet is a fat burning diet. It is mainly based in the reduction of carb intakes that leads to a natural state of ketosis, state in which the body uses the fat as its main source of energy. The scarcity of carbs drives the body to burn fat cells instead.

The aim of the keto diet is to have the body in a permanent state of ketosis, thus consuming or burning fat cells.  As a result of this, it is one of the easiest and most effective ways of losing weight and keeping it off in the long run. With even better result when combined with moderate exercise.

In making up my mind, I carefully considered weight loss, regulated metabolism, increased energy and a general state of well being as the major benefits of this change of food habits. I learned from the Ketosis Cookbook reviews that with the ketogenic diet the body triggers and maintains its fat-burning abilities switching its fuel supply to run almost entirely on fat.

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  • Benefits of Ketosis

These Ketosis Cookbook reviews of the web #1 Best Selling Ketosis Cookbook in 2016 were very useful explaining that the advantages of ketosis were what I was looking for.

Among the benefits of ketosis, it is worth pointing out:

  • the extra supply of energy to the body and brain
  • the increase of the mental and physical endurance
  • the balance of cholesterol, sugar, hormones and insulin

Not to mention, the marked reduction in appetite, that was obviously great as I was very much concerned with weight loss.

  • Guaranteed eBook

When I embarked on this way of eating, as many people who love the idea of eating keto, I had no idea how to prepare my food.  As I did not want to start eating keto and end up failing, I assumed I had to take it seriously.

In order to learn more and then be on a keto diet, I decided to have my own Ketosis Cookbook. This healthy cookbook is not available as a hardcover. I had my Ketosis Cookbook download copy, for only $47, from the official site of the Ketosis Cookbook. I got the special offer of the Ketosis Cookbook and a risk free with a 30 day money-back guarantee in the exceptional event that I was not satisfied with the purchase.

My Ketosis Cookbook Melt the Fat Away Review

With this digital version, I had instant access to the Ketosis Cookbook Melt the Fat Away pdf format from any electronic device, i.e. computer, tablet or mobile device.

The Ketosis Cookbook download contains more than 370 full-color keto recipes at your finger tips. The recipes are in 16 categories, all approved by a certified nutritionist with a ketogenic background. You can choose from Asian pineapple grilled pork chops to cheeseburger fajitas, or creamy chicken enchiladas to ham and cheese stromboli. Oh, yeah!!! Lots of delicious easy to prepare dishes that truly nourish. You never get bored. You have a vast cooking repertoire. It is a book suitable for people on keto diets with an excellent approach to keto cooking and also a book that gives ideas for new things to try, different ways of preparations and maybe some seasoning tips to spice things up.

Bonuses: A plus

Together with the eBook -Ketosis Cookbook pdf, I got 4 extra bonuses delivered to my inbox:

Bonus # 1: The Ultimate Guide to Ketogenic Diet – A useful and detailed guide written by the author of the main cookbook to learn more about the benefits and principles of the keto diet to start turning the body into a fat burning machine. Among the many things explained it is how to lose weight and feel great!

Bonus # 2: 12 Week Meal Plan – A plan that comprises a complete set of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for a period 90 days, including the shopping list for each week, which I found it very convenient!!! A plan thought to stop stressing about food and start enjoying the benefits of a healthy body and mind.

Bonus # 3: Keto Desserts – An extra recipe book including 40 low-carb desserts, a wide variety of cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies and mouth-watering stuff easily available, that will keep you happy and guilt free.  It is not forbidden to indulge in dark chocolate, keto cookies and coconut milk ice-cream!

Bonus # 4: Keto Slow Cook Meals – 30 tasty, slow cook, set-and-forget dishes such as Chicken Cacciatore, Brown Sugar Beef Short Ribs, Tomatillo Chile Verde, and amazing Santa Fe Chicken. Tender, juicy, braised, hearty, succulent and satisfying meals!

Synthesis of the Ketosis Cookbook Contents

The whole package is a full comprehensive guide to keto eating designed for all cooking talents with:

  • important nutritional information
  • healthy advice
  • a huge amount of simple recipes, including desserts and treats
  • easy to follow instructions
  • full attractive color pictures
  • recipes nutritionally tested that cover from breakfast to dinner
  • meals that anyone can do -a culinary background or knowledge is not necessary
  • week meal plans

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My Personal Opinion

I would recommend this cookbook to those who want, just like me, to make a change in their lives and take advantage of the benefits of the keto or low-carb food.

It is a thorough guide into nutritional ketosis that provides lots of ideas to make quick and easy yet delicious meals that ensure that you keep in a state in which your body will burn fat for energy instead of glucose.

Some people might think this is a Ketosis Cookbook scam; much on the contrary, it is the true expression of my own experience. I became a big fan of it after seeing the amazing results.

Following the nutritional guidelines, preparing tasty keto recipes and enjoying delicious meals, incredibly led me to a balance of my blood sugar levels, an effortless loss of weight, a healing of hormones and an overall improvement of my health levels.

But above all, what I mostly should recognize is that in this new lifestyle I became a more positive person full of energy.  I am no longer stressed by food, weight, calories, nutrients or lack of enthusiasm. I now enjoy a healthy energetic body, weight loss, mental sharpness and positive attitude gained from eating only wholesome, natural ingredients that truly nourish.

In the end, this Cookbook also shows and proves how delicious wholesome eating can be. Loving food and looking and feeling great at the same time, it is simply Wonderful!. Give it a try!

More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of keeping fit and so are changing their food consumption routines. The Ketosis Cookbook is increasingly gaining popularity as it offers handy solutions to plan low carb diets in an effort to attain a desirable weight without sacrificing nutrients. For the same reason, many nutritionists and dieticians are also recommending it to people who need to balance blood sugar levels and cholesterol as well.

Now that I have adopted a keto lifestyle myself, I can share the experience other keto followers had of having unlimited energy, stable moods, glowing skin and loss of excess fat, all while enjoying delicious food.

Keto eating facilitates weight loss, increases energy and confidence, stimulates clear thinking, helps regulate metabolism and improves health without radically reducing calories. This is the only Healthy Cookbook you will ever need to love what you eat.

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