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Let me introduce you this life-saver beef stick by Paleovalley. I know you might be as fascinated as I’m with the Paleo-diet or you might simply want to eat in a healthier way, but your busy life prevents you from consuming the right, healthy foods that allows you to do so. Luckily, Autumn Smith, professional nutritionist, personal trainer and co-creator of Paleovalley brings us today this natural, nutrient and amazingly tasty snack.

Specially developed for people like you and me, this beef stick is exactly what you need to introduce in your daily diet.

Keep on reading this Paleovalley review to learn more…

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The company’s history

Incredibly as you might find it, there’s a love story behind this company’s foundation—It’s creators, Autumn Smith and Chas Smith fell in love and started a family in 2007. They discovered the Paleo-diet and strictly committed to it.

They achieve astonishing results, but they also found that there were really few trustable products available in the market. For that reason, and after consciously considering it, they decided to dedicate their lives to develop high standard products that help people to eat healthy and stick to the Paleo-diet, prioritizing quality over monetary gain. And so was how this project started.

Autumn returned to University and got her degree in nutrition and then they join a close friend and Chas’ brother to start this project. This family company offers a wide range of products such as bars, grass fed whey proteins, organic Dietary Supplements and books recipes, specially developed under paleo, organic standards and all of them with a 60 days guarantee.

What the Paleo-Diet is?

As the full name, ‘Paleolithic diet’, describe it, is a diet based on consuming foods that are supposed to have been consumed by humans during the Paleolithic Era and includes organic vegetables and fruits, roots, and meat. Modern processed foods must be elided, as well as sugar, creamery, seeds, salt, and alcohol or coffee.

It has been proved that the Paleo-diet greatly benefits the body’s metabolic functioning and appearance and it’s much healthier than the typical Occidental diet. That’s the reason why more and more people stick to it every day.

About Paleovalley Beef Sticks

Now I want to tell you in detail the many reasons why I consider this snack literally a life-saver. Unlike other dietary supplements, this beef sticks are 100% natural and that implies they do not include harmful and artificial chemical preservatives, nor antibiotics, steroids or hormones.

As I previously mentioned, this company develops products strictly sticking to the highly organic, paleo standards, and they go even beyond— these sticks are made with the best available meat in the United States and are the only beef sticks in the market made of grass fed beef and finished with organic, natural flavorings to achieve their unique, exquisite taste.

The secret to develop such top-quality product is a production process in which absolutely nothing is left to chance and even the most minimal details have been taken into account.

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Production process

Nowadays, cows are raised in unhealthy feed lots, where they consume only grains; but cows, such as human beings, are not benefited from eating grains. The result is a low-quality meat, packed with dangerous and artificial Genetically Modified Organisms, nutrient poor proteins such as gluten and artificial nitrates.

At Paleovalley they care for the production process from the very begging—they only use grass fed cows, raised in farms in the United States as primary material. The cattle are thoughtfully raised, without any kind of cruelty or unhuman treating and the meat is processed without exposing the animals to any kind of suffering or stress.

Then they introduce an ancient, natural fermentation process which help to conserve the sticks by developing natural probiotics that strengthen your immune and digestive system. By doing so, they also avoid using harmful Genetically Modified Organisms and artificial hydrogenation process.

To finish, the sticks are slowly cooked and flavored with natural species. The result is a unique, exquisite, healthy, organic and Paleo-friendly snack!

By introducing this beef sticks in your diet, you will experience the following benefits:

  • With every beef stick you’ll be incorporating minerals, vitamins and healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6.
  • Your metabolism and immune system will improve.
  • They don’t contain sugar.
  • Contains natural antioxidants.
  • Gluten and soy free.
  • Healthy and tasty!

Buy Paleovalley

Before you make your decision, you can also read other Paleovalley reviews and check the Paleovalley pdf nutritional facts at the official web site. You can also visit Facebook’s fan page, where there are plenty of user comments about this and other products.

The company also offers a Paleovalley free 60 days trial: if you’re not absolutely satisfied with the product, your invest will be 100% refunded.

If you decide to give it a try, you can acquire today a pack containing 10 sticks with a 30% discount at the official website and they deliver the order within 1 day. They also offer free shipping if you order 4 packs or more and you can choose the flavors between—

  • Original— containing celery juice, organic black pepper, organic red pepper, organic garlic powder and organic coriander and first quality grass fed meat.
  • Jalapeño— —containing celery juice, eight different organic spices and first quality grass fed meat.
  • Summer Sausage—containing celery juice, eight different organic spices and first quality grass fed meat.
  • Garlic Summer Sausage—containing celery juice, eight different organic spices and first quality grass fed meat.

Paleovalley download

As you might find in other Paleovalley reviews, you can download a PDF nutritional facts, with details the snack’s components flavor by flavor and all the nutritional information that you need. If you are under any medical treatment, you can consult your doctor about the bars.

You must take into account that, even though the sticks are healthy and can help you improving your metabolism and strength your immune systems thanks to the Colony Forming Units, good fatty acids and nutrients, they are not replacement for any medical prescription.

Paleovalley review Pros and Cons

I wouldn’t like to conclude this Paleovalley review without mentioning the product’s advantages and disadvantages. As you will guess for all the previously stated, there are really few setbacks, since we are talking about a highly quality product. But I think the following list will be useful if you haven’t decided yet whether to try the snack or not.


  • The only product in the market made with grass fed meat.
  • Organic, natural and tasty.
  • You can download Paleovalley nutritional facts from the official website.
  • 100% money back guarantee for 60 days, no questions asked.
  • 4 different, exquisite flavors.
  • Customer Care Team to offer online support.


  • A bit pricy. Even when this is not a greedy enterprise, it is quite expensive to produce a product with such a quality.
  • Only available online.
  • There are not Paleovalley free samples.
  • They are no replacement for any medical prescription!

 Paleovalley reviews’ Conclusion

When my friend, Lisa, told me about this snack, I was like, “common, Paleovalley is a scam!” and I don’t blame myself about having been that skeptical, todays dietary supplements leave much to be desired. But then I started to research and I found lots of information at the official website and many positive Paleovalley reviews both on Facebook and reviews websites. I even downloaded a Paleovalley pdf nutritional facts from the website.

When I read that the product was 100% guaranteed and that it was developed by a serious, family company, I decided to give it a try and I can tell you that I found the perfect snack. It tastes really good and it’s the ideal solution when you want to stick to the paleo diet, or simply eat healthy, but you spend a lot of hours outside and you don’t have the time to cook. I absolutely recommend this product.

I eat it at work, after gym and when I arrive home starving and I also include them on my husband and child lunch boxes. We all feel much better since we eat Paleovalley and, as a working mother, you might now understand why I say first that they are truly life-savers.

Try them, share them with your friends and family and you certainly won’t regret it!

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