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A few months ago, I began working in an office and for the first I was encountered with a psoriasis patient, Bobby, my boss precisely. At first I noticed he behaved in some weird way, he was always with hands in his pockets and had a reddish wrinkled look upon his face though he was in thirties. But it was not until he had a serious outbreak that I knew how this chronic disease affected his life. On my own I decided to learn more and to do some research about psoriasis, its causes, symptoms, treatment and everything connected with this skin condition in order to help my boss find an alternative definite cure.


Psoriasis is a disease that mainly affects the skin, the cells of which are overproduced and built up faster than usual causing scales on the surface.  It is a chronic, autoimmune and recurring but not contagious disorder. The word psoriasis derives from the Greek “psora” that means itch.  It ranges from mild unnoticed cases to severe occurrences.


In some cases there is a genetic predisposition to develop psoriasis. The contact with certain factors – infections, medicines, skin affections- may originate the illness, which is also triggered by stress. Stress plays a significant role not only in the onset of the disease but also in its development and worsening.


The symptoms vary from individual to individual and depend on the form of psoriasis. Among the most common ones are red itchy spots, patches likely to become larger and a huge number of falling off scales that can produce skin lesions on the face, ears or hairline. In unusual severe kinds of psoriasis additionally pustules with fluid can come out on the skin. It may be present on the whole body, palms and soles.

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There are three conventional remedies that basically aim at decreasing inflammation and scales, withdrawing skin cells development and eliminating plaques. Among them you can find:

  • Topical treatment with creams, ointments and lotions containing corticosteroids, retinoids, salicylic acid, vitamin D and moisturizers.
  • Oral or injected systemic medication having immunosuppressants usually prescribed for short periods of time and that may have unpleasant side effects.
  • Light therapy uses ultraviolet (UV) or natural sunlight to destroy the overactive white blood cells responsible for the quick cell increase as they attack healthy skin cells.

My Psoriasis Revolution review

With all the data collected I began my search on the web looking for something else. Something that could help Bobby, my boss, to get rid of his unbearable condition. I read lots of Psoriasis Revolution reviews and then moved on to the Psoriasis Revolution official website and paid special attention to something promising: a guaranteed “trick” to heal psoriasis in only 7 days.

In the introduction video Dan Crawford the author of the Psoriasis Revolution Program tells his own story. He is now a medical researcher, a proficient nutrition specialist and also works as a health consultant. But most important of all he is an ex sufferer who could free himself of psoriasis after 27 yrs of affliction.

First of all, there are 3 principles Dan particularly considers related to knowing what psoriasis is and why it appears, the things that do not work and the ones that affect negatively, and finally, knowing the only demonstrated method to do away with psoriasis forever. Once these principles are accepted results can be seen and symptoms start to fade away. Putting into practice the program he developed will eliminate the cause of psoriasis in a period of 30 to 60 days. It will even restore the color of the skin and cut off the spread of the disease. Not to mention the positive results Psoriasis Revolution brings to the general well-being associated with an increased vitality, less anxiety and a healthier way of life.

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For more than 11 years he has helped people in 173 countries around the globe to find an answer to their skin related disorder after feeling confused, depressed and frustrated for the disappointing promises of things that do not work at all.

Since Dan was a child his skin was always regarded as “sensitive” and this condition little by little had an effect on his confidence. He was always on the alert for an outbreak and wanted others not to notice his situation and make fun of him. His self-esteem was deeply affected. In his teens, the medication was good for some time but then built resistance and required stronger as new spots appeared.

By the time he reached 18 years old, topical steroids have provoked a thinning of his skin which added to the discomfort and fear of more harsh outbreaks. He looked not only red and scaly but also seemed disfigured. He isolated and felt miserable.  He was a chaos internally and externally speaking. He was deeply afraid of his complete health and very much concerned about stress as a well-established trigger of psoriasis.

As his condition seemed incurable, he become obsessed with trying to find a natural cure for psoriasis and began his research into skin disorders, auto-immune matters, nervous system imbalance and nutrition facts. He came to the conclusion that psoriasis is not only a skin problem but also a condition developed as a consequence of a body internal imbalance. What happens inside the body is connected with the skin affliction.

Then he developed a 7 steps plan to reverse psoriasis in no more than 3 weeks. The benefits of the program are almost immediate. In 24 hours, scales and plaques itching and burning vanish. In 3 days, the progress of psoriases slows down. In 7 days, scales and plaques notoriously improve and in 3 weeks, totally disappear. Finally in 5 to 8 weeks, all related symptoms are definitely gone giving way to a healthier and more active self-assured life free from stress and embarrassment.

In his presentation he refers to 5 elementary keys to eliminate Psoriasis for good. Key #1 No drugs, Key # 2 No topical treatment, Key #3 No diet alone, Key # 4 Inner factors and Key # 5 External factors. Through his program he teaches how to handle the problem from a holistic point of view, that is to say considering the body as a whole entity, each and every aspect of the same. This is his special trick or secret to wipe out any trace of the disease.

Conclusion of my Psoriasis Revolution Review

Having watched the video from the beginning to the very end and thoroughly read all the testimonials of former sufferers I can assure Psoriasis Revolution is not scam and I will certainly recommend it to Bobby, my boss, to treat his psoriasis and recover his smooth and clear skin once and for all, leave behind the long lasting emotional trauma caused by years of embarrassment and join the thousands of persons around the world who benefited from the system.

Psoriasis Revolution is 60 days 100% money back guaranteed. The special offer for only $47 can be paid using Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex and Paypal. The purchase is secured by Clickbank.

This best selling e-book package is instantly available as a Psoriasis Revolution pdf file. If you buy Psoriasis Revolution you will also have access to the incredible Psoriasis Revolution download bonuses at no cost.

These Psoriasis Revolution free bonuses include: Bonus # 1 –The Complete Handbook of Nature´s Cures to find cures to ordinary illnesses in a natural way, Bonus # 2 –Be Your Own Doctor to know how and when you treat yourself, Bonus # 3 –The Healing Power of Water to benefit from its ability to cure diseases, Bonus # 4 –The Ultimate Guide to Stress Reduction and Relaxation absolutely necessary to avoid diseases and lead a better life handling stress in the appropriate form,  Bonus # 5 –The Beginner´s Guide to Yoga and Medication which adds to the comprehensive approach to any illness, Bonus # 6 –The Secrets of Sleeping Soundly to improve significantly the entire well-being state, Bonus # 7 –Free updates of reports on the subject for the rest of your life, and finally, Bonus # 8 –Super bonus, 3 months counseling with the author of the program to provide personal guidance via email.

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