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Finishing a new diet? Asking yourself what to do next? Frightened that those stubborn pounds return after such big efforts? Fed up with the rebound effect? Then this program is for you…

Reverse Dieting Program

This is the only available program in diet and nutrition market that tells you what to do after the weight-reduction plan finishes, so you can achieve weight maintenance, experiencing insignificant mass fluctuations.

Unlike other shock fitness programs and diets, Reverse Dieting isn’t based on sacrifices, food depriving and strenuous exercising series. That kind of programs are aimed to achieve quick results that don’t lasts. By the contrary, the aim of this program is to provide you with the necessary support and information to take care of your health, weight and body after a weight-reduction plan.

Continue reading this Reverse Dieting review to learn the secrets behind weight rebound and how to avoid it…

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Why the Program is Different?

  • It offers a different point of view, which implies a permanent change in your daily life.
  • It doesn’t concentrate in swift results but in maintaining results in the long run.
  • It cares more about physical and mental health than about aesthetics.
  • It works by increasing the amount of food you ingest… incredible but real!

How Does the Program Work?

This is NOT a diet; the aim of this program is not to help you lose weight. Reverse Dieting prioritizes health and long-term results by helping you to establish a healthy, long-term relationship with food. The secret is carefully tracking the number of calories and macros that you ingest in every meal on a daily basis.

Basically, what the program teaches you is the correct amounts of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that you should introduce in your diet and how to calculate them. That amounts increase on a weekly basis until you reach the proper levels of food intake for your own metabolism. But Reverse Dieting doesn’t stop there and it also teaches you how to combine exercising in every nutritional level; you will find that you are more and more able to train in each new stage.

The astonishing results are metabolic recovery, hormonal health improvement, muscular building and food intake increase with minimal weight gain. In other words, you will get a great, healthy and well-built body, without strenuous exercising and while enjoying a healthy diet.

Do you Want to know if Reverse Dieting is a Scam?

Well, it certainly isn’t. The program is based in the principle that by starving you’re telling your body that it needs to stock fat in order to survive. If you increase the amount of food you consume, carefully selecting the right foods and calculating the right amounts, your body will understand that it can get rid of unnecessary fat and you will be able to train and enjoy your life, but, what is more important you will have your weight stabilized and your health won’t be under risk.

Now, I understand if it sounds crazy for you that you have to eat more and gain some weight after a dieting period, but all the scientific research and testing behind this program allow you to raise food ingest with minimal weight gain, leading to the point at which both your weight and the amounts of food that you intake are right for you.

My Personal Experience

I’m writing this Reverse Dieting review to give testimony as a program’s user. I’ve struggled against overweight my entire life; when I first download Reverse Dieting I was suffering a great eating disorder. I must admit that I was looking for a magic solution which provides an overnight change in my body and I got more and more frustrated with every weight rebound. Now that I’m starting to see the long-term results, I know that I was not being realistic about my health, because an overnight change in weight can never be healthy.

The program helps you to gradually increment the amount of food that you ingest after a period of diet, by carefully calculating the macros and calories that you ingest with every meal. By doing so, you boost your metabolism and you are able to eat more without a weight rebound. And what is more important, you feel healthy and able to train.

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About Reverse Dieting

The program was created by Sohee Lee, an experienced fitness writer and coach, who’s been in the fitness and coaching industry for over 20 years. Sohee is not only interested in fitness and weight loss, she is a recognized professional that concentrates in the human being as a whole— body, mind and soul.

She is the only coach that takes into account the psychological process that take place when a person is undergoing a diet and when the diet is finished. The program was co-created under the supervision of Dr. Layne Norton, an expert in the field.

Reverse Dieting pdf e-book will teach you—

  • What to do and how to eat after the diet period is over.
  • Why other diets end up in yo-yo effects.
  • How to boost your metabolism.
  • All the secrets about metabolic damage and adaptation.
  • 5 tips to look slim while adding calories to your diet.
  • Psychological factors that you must consider while dieting.
  • Hormonal changes during diet periods.
  • The correct food choices depending your metabolism.
  • How to combine exercising with every nutritional step, avoiding strenuous cardio exercising.

Reverse Dieting Reviews Advantages and Disadvantages

I compiled a list of the program’s advantages and disadvantages, based on my own experience and other Reverse Dieting reviews available on the internet.


  • Reverse Dieting free chapter! Today, Sohee is offering you the chance to download the first chapter for free, only by introducing your e-mail address.
  • Get in contact with Sohee— if you happen to have any question about the program, you can contact her through her web page and she’ll write you back.
  • 60 days guarantee— you can purchase the program without hesitation. If you’re not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.
  • Immediate download thanks to it PDF format.
  • Instant access to the entire program and membership to the exclusive Facebook group, in which you’ll be in touch with other users and with the program creators Sohee and Layne.


  • It might be quite contradictory at first, since you will be eating more and gaining some weight, but don’t despair! It’s just about time and getting accustomed to it.
  • This is not magic, if you are expecting an overnight change, this program will be useless for you, since it based on long term results.
  • Not mobile friendly. You can’t download the e-book to your cell phone but it is suitable for any other electronic device.

Reverse Dieting Download

You cannot download a Reverse Dieting free version, but you can buy Reverse Dieting today and get the entire program including—

  • Reverse Dieting manual – valued in $99
  • How to Count Macros manual – valued in $21
  • 6-week training program to combine with your reverse diet – valued in $215
  • 10 workouts lasting between 5 to 30 minutes – valued in $200
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group with Layne and Sohee – valued in $300
  • Replay of live Q&A webinar – valued in $100

But you won’t be paying the $935 it worths. Today you can acquire the entire Reverse Dieting pdf program for only $89.99, with a 60 days money-back guarantee.

Reverse Dieting Review Conclusion

The reason why I wrote this review is because, even though there are plenty of Reverse Dieting reviews on the internet, I received a huge number of questions about the program at both my Instagram and Facebook accounts, and I thought it would be useful to make a summary of the available information and tell my personal experience, as well.

The program really worked for me and helped me to stablish a healthy relationship with food, for good. That’s the reason why I consider everyone should give it a try. I know that we all live under huge social pressure to achieve the aesthetic and beauty standards. I’ve been there. And let me tell you that forgetting about my health was the worst thing I could ever do. I really hope no one else have to face such eating disorders. That’s why I vehemently recommend Sohee’s program— because, as I’ve already mentioned, is the ONLY available program that really takes care about your health and prioritizes it.

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