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Diets that can be found on the internet are dangerous and harmful. People who follow those types of diets do not feed well and could end up causing serious health problems in the future.

Why try to look for magic solutions to lose weight when you can get off all those extra pounds from your body in a healthy way and, best of all, eating as you like and how it should be? Many people believe that the best way to lose weight is by reducing calories or not eating at all, but they are wrong. That way the only thing that is achieved is to kill the organism little by little and nothing more.

Is it worth getting to the point of getting sick or even getting near to death just for losing a few pounds? Unfortunately, today there are many people who are victims of this new fashion of not eating because they want to look thinner without thinking what the consequences may be.

And society does not help, because many of these people would have suffered from such a strong and serious bullying that made them come to that solution of not eating. Or simply because of the problems that every person faces when they see themselves in the mirror and look really fat, when in fact they have a normal body.

But there is a solution to not stop eating and maintaining a healthy and active metabolism. The 4 Cycle Solution is a program that will teach you to lose the fear to meals, and especially to the carbs that have the reputation of being bad.

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Who is the Creator of The 4 Cycle Solution?

The creator of this program is well known in the fitness world because he had already created lots of programs for weight loss and had helped a lot of people through them. Shaun Hadsall has been in the world of fitness and weight loss for about 15 years, which is why he knows what problems people are facing and knows how to help them improve their lifestyles.

What is The 4 Cycle Solution?

The 4 Cycle Solution is a simple and easy program that will allow a person to accelerate their metabolism in order to prevent the body from storing unwanted fat. Thanks to this program the body of each person will use the fat as the main source of energy instead of using the carbs or proteins.

The 4 Cycle Solution introduces what is called Macro-Patterning, which is a great solution to the carbs dilemma. Macro-Patterning is about Carb-cycling nutrition.

What will this Program Achieve?

What will be achieved with this program is:

Only seven days after starting the program, the body will have learned to burn fat as the main source of energy instead of sugars or carbs, and will optimize fat burning for faster and better weight loss.

Through this program, the body not only will burn fat as energy, but it also will be that all that lost fat will not be re-accumulated and there is not going to be a rebound effect.

By eating carbs the right way, a person can make the body gain insulin resistance and fight against diabetes. Knowing how to avoid accumulation of fat will improve the body’s metabolism.

You can achieve a faster fat burning every two minutes if you follow a certain routine without the need for extra exercise (and by this you can avoid leading to aging too soon). This form of exercise will increase and improve blood and oxygen flow.

Low-carb diets cause damage to leptin and thyroid levels that could be avoided. These hormones should be re-adjusted so that the person can maintain a healthy diet and an active metabolism.

If you maintain an active metabolism, the body will lose those extra pounds of fat while maintaining a lean muscle, allowing the body to look strong and toned.

It will be possible to keep the body and the mind much more active and sharp for long periods of time in order to combat the stress caused by the daily worries with family, friends, work, money, future, etc.

If you have a busy life and you do not have time to lose, with this program there will be no problem because it is designed for the man or woman who lives every day from here to there without any time to waste with nonsense.

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What are the Advantages of Carb-Cycling?

Carb-cycling has five advantages that are as follows:

You will discover and learn how to turn fat into energy through a much faster, healthier and more active metabolism, and to prevent foods that are swallowed from being stored in the body as fat.

You will not lose muscle as you often lose on low carb diets, and this is just because the carbs that the body ingests during this program will help keep the muscle intact, which is why the metabolism can accelerate to improve.

To be able to have stable and controlled insulin and sugar in blood levels, it is necessary for a person to know how to handle the three most important factors at the time of eating: the time when a person eats, the sizes of the portions they are going to consume and the combinations of ingredients and foods that are made.

When the body is heat up it is achieved that the fat accumulated in the body becomes the necessary fuel to become energy.

To be able to burn fat more efficiently there are two options: a lower intake of calories from those that are burned or exercise, much, and not stop moving. Thanks to this program, these two options were combined so that the body can become accustomed to burning fat as the first energy source.

Who can do this Program?

No matter how old you are, whether you are an athlete or a 60-year-old grandmother, if you follow a paleo diet or train for bodybuilder, anyone can follow this program if they want a faster fat burning.

People with a sedentary lifestyle should not eat carbs like quinoa or squash unless it is on their treat day, nor should they ingest large amounts of ripe fruits.

Active people, as for example those who exercise 3 to 4 times a week, should consume carbs such as lentils, sweet potatoes or rice. Fruits are a great option, but you must control that they are ingested the days you do exercise to achieve better performance and absorption of its nutrients.

Those who train hard or are athletes, that is to say, those who train 5 to 7 times a week, should consume the best options that are bananas, rice and potatoes.

How does The 4 Cycle Solution Work?

Cycle 1: In this stage you can lose large amounts of pure fat without having a rebound effect. And for this you have to end those cravings of sugar to be able to give way to a better fat burning in what is called fat adapted.

The body will be reprogrammed to be able to achieve a better metabolism, will lose great amount of fat, will avoid sugar cravings and normalize blood sugar levels.

Cycle 2: Once the body is burning fat, it is a way to accelerate that fat burning through Macro-patterning, allowing a person to eat their favorite carbs and not to store them as fat.

There will even be instructions for performing exercises that will help to speed up the metabolism.

Cycle 3: Since the body is usually intelligent and adaptable to everything, in this third stage a nutrition program is provided that allows the body to be “tricked” so that this adaptation does not happen and the body continues to burn fat.

This meal plan lasts only two weeks, but you can learn how you can manipulate your hormones and energies so that the body never stops burning fat.

Cycle 4: This stage will increase the consumption of calories and carbs so that the metabolism is always active and burning fat. You will discover how to cheat during the week with your meals or go out to eat something with friends so that the body keeps on burning fat. This allows the metabolism to stay healthy and active.

You can get The 4 Cycle Solution pdf on its official website ( as well as some extras that will help a better and higher performance of this program. They have the guarantee that if after 60 days of the product having been bought, if you did not obtain any result the money will be returned.

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