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Before going deep into the Beauty of Food Reviews I would like to give some thought to the following idea. The widely spread statement “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” means literally that the perception of beauty is subjective.  Beauty is relative. Not everyone appreciates things in the same way. Beauty is not an objective concept. It is a subjective standard and everyone has its own. So beauty is subjective, depends upon the personal experience and cannot be objectively quantified.

Not all people will define beauty in the same way. What one person considers as beautiful may be only somewhat attractive, or even ugly, to others. There can be serious disagreements about what beauty is or not and the concept may change over the time.

But what is undeniable is the fact that along the years as we age our external appearance tends to decline.  Our face and body give away our age or sometimes even worse make us look older. For some people hair is what really betrays our age. In order to turn back the clock from head to toe there are do-it-yourself fixes and prescription treatments to look younger fast.

Little by little, the elasticity and strength of collagen fibers are lost, so the skin begins to hang down and wrinkle. We notice that eyebrows and eyelids start losing their shape and firmness. Line or creases begin to appear along the forehead or form across the bridge of the nose conveying us a more than serious look.

Frequent muscle movements like laughing, screen squinting, straw sipping worsen crow’s-feet or laugh lines around the eyes and marionette lines or nasolabial folds near the mouth.

A loss of collagen and elasticity reduces skin volume causing fine to deep lines and wrinkles to appear and veins to stand out more. Brown spots and other signs of sun damage begin to make their debut. Not to forget how we feel bad about our neck. Creepy skin leads to the dreaded turkey neck. Lax skin of knees and elbows usually result from dry flaky creates, wrinkles, and patches. Hormonal changes can make eyebrows and lashes sparse. Eyebrow follicles are damaged after years of over-tweezing making it harder for hairs to grow back.

There are other factors which play a significant role in aging prematurely. Insufficient sleep may result in the short term in dark circles around the eyes and lackluster complexion. It is a sound advice not to skimp on sleep because it is vital for the stress hormones to go down to normal levels at night. In this way, the skin cells that during the day battle against UV rays and pollution have time to repair and rejuvenate. Plus, stress increases the levels of the hormone cortisol which impacts directly on oil production and can lead to bouts of acne.

Forehead, frown and smile lines, thin lips, dark spots and the like are signs of aging that dryness and loss of firmness corroborate. A slight line here, a sag or bag there, worry us about our personal appearance and also the image others have of us thus affecting our confidence and general health.

But here we have two ways to tackle all these troubles. One is the conventional and other the alternative.

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Within the ordinary methods we can mention according to the case cosmetic and prescribed formulation cleansers, moisturizers, oils, lotions, creams, ointments and any other topical anti aging presentation. Besides the latest medical technology, such as surgery, laser treatments, cortisone injections, fillers, Botox is used to soften lines and to improve the texture of the skin. Some doctors apply radiofrequency to stimulate production of collagen. There is also available a light-based treatment called photodynamic therapy typically used to fade age spots. Micro-pigmentation or permanent outlining for brows and lashes is another esthetic option.

Additionally, we have to remember that if we want to fight aging we should not deprive ourselves of the sleep and above all, we need and handle stress in the best possible form.

Nevertheless, the previous methods may be expensive and sometimes painful. For that now we are going to consider the advantages of prevention as the best treatment and the use of home-made alternatives to restore the natural balance of skin, thus smoothing the overall face complexion.

Not only women are concerned about their look nowadays. Men are very much interested in maintaining their attractive male appearance. In our present society, beauty stills continues to be regarded as a valuable asset.

Now let us concentrate on the The Beauty of Food review.


The Beauty of Food is an inexpensive program to rejuvenate from 5 to 10 years following a short daily routine using the elements found in everybody´s kitchen. A plan that is full of the tips and ordinary techniques to increase and renew young beauty.


The author of the program, a lady named Hanan who works as a Natural Beauty Consultant, wrote a detailed letter in her official website explaining how she discovered the many secrets she wants to share with us by means of her book.  She regrets not having listened to her mother in due time. For many years her mother, a descendent from Persian royalty, tried to pass her beauty secrets knowledge to Hanan. But she regarded her mother as old fashioned and she herself was not interested as she thought she would never grow old.


Her mother passed away and she received her journal. Then Hanan went through a difficult stressful period and noticed she was aging really fast. At that point she remembered her mother’s journal where she rediscovered an invaluable treasure: the transcription of all her mother’s home-based beauty treatments, written for her to pass down to her own family.  Every one of her tips, secrets, and preparations had been passed down from Persian royalty for over a thousand years. All of them have been known for centuries due to its remarkable medicinal and cosmetic qualities.

This material she inherited together with her search on the Internet, trial and error tests, interview of innumerable women and experimentation on her own skin and hair gave The Beauty of Food as a result.

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We can find 7 minutes preparation that works exactly as a Botox alternative but without painful injections and for less than $.50. Browsing through its pages we can learn the foods to be used externally to recover the firmness and tightness of skin and the shine and vitality of hair. There are also excellent tips to make hands look younger and incredible pieces of advice to deal with wrinkles and avoid future ones.

It is not a diet book. Nevertheless, it provides hints to slow down the aging process with the help of food. Without spending a lot of money or leaving the comfort of our home, we can have instant access to amazing beauty treatments downloading The Beauty of Food pdf file to any computer.


The Beauty Plan only costs $7.99… a real bargain for a limited time. You can buy The Beauty of Food from the official site and pay with any of the major credit cards. The purchase is reassured by a 60 day money back 100% guarantee. If not satisfied, we simply send an email and request the prompt refund of the money. No one can regard The Beauty of Food is scam for the author is committed to the absolute satisfaction of the buyers.

We will save a lot of money as no more drugs, creams, surgical procedures and expensive treatments will be necessary to restore the lost beauty in a short time. We will learn to use foods to prepare easy remedies, formulations and protocols following the guidance of an expert. The results will be almost immediately appreciated with a noticeable upgrading of the skin texture, the vanishing of fine lines and wrinkles, firm renewed skin, glowing smooth hair and a general sensation of wellbeing.

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