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Developed by the International Council for Truth in Medicine, this breakthrough program helps people reverse deadly type 2 diabetes symptoms in a natural way. Today, millions of type 2 diabetes patients all around the world can say good bye to drugs, supplements, remedies and insulin injections and live a free, healthier life.

If you suffer from diabetes, I strongly recommend you keep on reading.

Why I’m writing this The Big Diabetes Lie review

Hello everyone, my name is James and I’ve suffered type 2 diabetes for 16 years now. The reason why I’m writing here is because I want to disclose a hidden truth that helped me improving my medical condition.

I developed premature diabetes after experiencing an overwhelming traumatic episode. I was diagnosed with type 2 at the early age of 15. During the years that followed, I witnessed how my health and body functions deteriorated, unable to do nothing more than wasting thousands and thousands of dollars in diabetes remedies, insulin injections and constant blood sugar measures.

My life certainly changed for the worst…

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The risks that a diabetic person face every day

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor warned me that, even strictly following the treatment, I was exposed to the following health threats:

  • Heart attack
  • Kidney failure
  • Blindness
  • Peripheral Artery Neuropathy (which could end in the amputation of my limbs)
  • Hypertension
  • Central nervous system disorders
  • Cholesterol

He also informed me that I will have to stick to a diet absolutely deprived of sugar and then he detailed the possible collateral effects of the diabetes drugs, I’d have to take for the rest of my life and that will certainly weaken my immune system:

  • Liver complications
  • Acidosis
  • Strokes
  • Cancer
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Hepatitis

And he was categoric when stating that my medical condition was IRREVERSIBLE. You can only imagine how devastating it was for me to hear all that— with 15 years, I was facing the fact that I could die at any moment. I fell into a deep depression, so I did not only have to fight against diabetes and all its deadly consequences, but also against depression.

I was in a dead end. All the big efforts and money investments seemed useless…

How The Big Diabetes Lie free me from that hell!

It was during a travel to Europe that I discovered this program, thanks to a public advertisement. When I read “Reverse Type 2 diabetes symptoms without drugs, insulin injections, or surgery”, I thought it was a bad joke. I started to investigate and found some The Big Diabetes Lie reviews. Finally, I got an appointment with one of the members of the International Council for Truth in Medicine, Dr. Volk.

The first thing I asked him was how was it possible that I haven’t heard of it back in the USA. He kindly explained me that there was a huge pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, which makes billions of dollars every day out of the sickness and suffering of people. They even pass a law through the FDA, stating that “Only remedies cure and prevent illnesses.”

But they didn’t stop there and they even threatened the members of the International Council for Truth in Medicine and spread a smear campaign against the program, stating that The Big Diabetes Lie is a scam.

Dr. Volk, a humble and worldwide recognized specialist, clearly detailed the guidelines and principles of the program and I walked out of his office, for the first time in 15 years, with the hope that a better life was possible to me.

The Seven Steps to health and The Big Diabetes Lie program

The program was developed after the University of California, in San Diego, published a paper in February 2015. Such paper gave notice about the discovery of the inflammatory molecule LTB4, which provokes insulin resistance. The direct consequence of insulin resistance is high blood sugar, also known as diabetes.

Once the root cause of diabetes was identified, a group of scientist and physicians gathered at the International Council for Truth in Medicine, created and directed by Kinesiologist, Nutritionist and Neuro-linguistic Programmer, Max Sidorov. They worked day and night for 20 years to develop and test a groundbreaking program able to stop and reverse type 2 diabetes without the use of drugs, insulin or surgical interventions.

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The Seven Steps to health and The Big Diabetes Lie Guidelines

Now I will tell in simple words what Dr. Volk explained me about the program that afternoon, a year ago. That information gave me hope and changed my life, for good.

The Big Diabetes Lie works by attacking the cause of diabetes at its very core, unlike the conventional methods, which only attack the symptoms. This unconventional method is simply based on a thoroughly designed alimentary plan— the food that you ingest has a direct relation with the reactions of the inflammatory molecule. By avoiding the foods that cause that molecule to react and increasing the ingest of foods that control it, you’ll be able to improve not only your type 2 diabetes, but also your entire metabolism and immune system.

This scientifically backed program had helped thousands of people all around the world by giving them the right and suppressed information about:

  • Foods that eliminate type 2 diabetes and work as natural medicines against it.
  • The right amounts and times to eat them.
  • Nutritional tricks to help you avoiding the use of insulin.
  • How to naturally lower cholesterol and other diabetes symptoms.
  • Which foods contains toxic chemicals and additives that rise diabetes levels.
  • How to recognize the nutritional facts behind the foods you’re consuming.

As you can see, this program is concerned with your health as a whole and will teach you some lessons that will be useful for the rest of your life.

The Big Diabetes Lie pdf

Today you can download The Big Diabetes Lie, a guide of over 500 pages, with scientific, unpublished information that will help you reverse your type 2 diabetes, with a Pre-sale 50% discount. Yes! You can acquire the program today for half its value!

The professionals at the International Council for Truth in Medicine are not interested in money, but in helping people and maintaining their worldwide prominence, that’s the reason why you can acquire the program today through a voluntary refundable deposit of $37 for the entire program.

The Big Diabetes Lie Review Summary

  • Product Name: The Seven Steps to health and The Big Diabetes Lie
  • Type of product: Nutritional Guideline
  • Format: PDF
  • Released and commercialized by: The International Council for Truth in Medicine
  • Available The Big Diabetes Lie reviews: Yes
  • Content: a guideline plus 4 free e-courses


  • The Big Diabetes Lie free 30 days e-mail help.
  • 100% natural, no drugs, medication or surgery needed.
  • Pre-sale 50% discount.
  • 60 days, 100% guarantee.
  • Results in two weeks’ time.
  • Immediate download.
  • 4 free e-courses included with the main guide.


  • The Big Diabetes Lie does not replace medical advice.
  • Too much information! You must pay attention not to be lost in it.

The Big Diabetes Lie pdf Includes this free e-courses:

  • The Secrets of antioxidants— Stop the pass of time by controlling free radicals and learn how to incorporate to your diet the strongest antioxidants in the world.
  • The Miracle of Sleep— a sleeping guide to look younger and feel energic just by sleeping.
  • Amazing Health from Water— lose weight, avoid migraine and lower your blood pressure by correctly hydrate your body.
  • MSG and your Health— The truth about dangerous food additives.

The Big Diabetes Lie download

I can tell without hesitation that to buy The Big Diabetes Lie program was the best decision I’ve ever taken. My life has dramatically changed since I met Dr. Volk in Berlin. I’m still taking diabetes medicine and periodically measure my Blood sugar levels, but I feel healthier than ever before and even my doctor was shocked about how my blood sugar levels drastically decreased. I’m not afraid anymore of the dreadful diabetes consequences and I successfully overcame depression.

I hope this The Big Diabetes Lie review help you to change your life as well as I did. Remember you can also consult other The Big Diabetes Lie reviews and that you can acquire the program without risks, thanks to its 100% money refund guarantee. And remember that you deserve better and you’re not a pharmaceutical industry slave.

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