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Hypothyroidism is a disease in which an endocrine disorder is caused as a cause of thyroid hormone deficiency, in most cases it could be due to an alteration of the thyroid gland. Today, in less developed countries, what can cause this disease, the most common cause, is iodine deficiency.

The different classifications that can be made of hypothyroidism are:

  • Depending on the anatomical level where the dysfunction occurs, for example, primary hypothyroidism (if it occurs in the thyroid gland), central or secondary hypothyroidism (if it occurs at the level of the hypothalamus or in the pituitary region) or peripheral hypothyroidism (a resistance occurs in the hormonal periphery).
  • Depending on its onset, for example, congenital hypothyroidism (if it occurs before or at the time of birth) or acquired hypothyroidism.
  • According to its severity, for example, subclinical hypothyroidism or clinical hypothyroidism.

Early symptoms of hypothyroidism include constipation, muscle stiffness and contracture, menorrhagia, lethargy, cold intolerance, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

It can bring problems in:

  • Face and throat, such as blepharoptosis (droping of the upper eyelid due to paralysis), thick lips, hoarse voice, thinning of the hair or eyebrows;
  • The respiratory system, such as respiratory failure, decreased vital capacity, pleural effusion or hypoventilation;
  • The cardiovascular system, such as bradycardia (weak heart tones), pericardial effusion, arterial hypertension, heart failure;
  • The urinary system, such as increased urea and creatinine, hypoalbuminemia, hyponatremia, albuminuria;
  • The nervous system, through which most neurological symptoms are main features in children under 2 years of age due to a defect in the maturation of the nervous system, such as lethargy, psychiatric disorders, headache, hearing loss;
  • The locomotor apparatus, in which there is rigidity due to muscular contractures, cramps, tiredness, muscular thickening in the arms and calves;
  • The skin, which may be thick, scaly, cold, pale, dry and without sweat, such as chloasma, alopecia, myxedema;
  • The genital apparatus, such as infertility, possible abortions, impotence, decreased libido;
  • The adrenal glands, which should be given corticosteroids along with thyroxine treatment.
  • Alteration of metabolism, such as cold intolerance, decreased heat production and low basal temperature.
  • Alterations in blood tests, such as anemia, hypercholesterolemia, hypoglycemia.

Many people in the world suffer from this disease, which is said to have no cure. But today there is a solution to eliminate the problem, in addition to allowing people to learn and understand the true meaning of health by understanding the causes and not simply wanting to relieve symptoms.

This solution is called The Hypothyroidism Revolution.

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Who is the creator of The Hypothyroidism Revolution?

The creator of The Hypothyroidism Revolution is a health researcher, functional medicine practitioner and author on nutrition, hypothyroidism and hormones. Despite never having suffered this disease, the author crossed with the cure for hypothyroidism when he was fighting against some health problems that he suffered.

After an arduous and heavy workload followed by stress, he developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which are two causes that can lead people to have hypothyroidism. He focused on being able to take care of himself and his health, gaining in this way the empathy of several people who were too exhausted and filled with as many symptoms of hypothyroidism.

The creator of this program is called Tom Brimeyer.

What is The Hypothyroidism Revolution?

This program is a very simple and explained step by step guide that allows people to know how to eliminate hypothyroidism in a healthy and safe way, and focuses on a change in the daily diet of people suffering from this disease.

The reason why many people who follow different programs to combat this disease is unsuccessful is because these programs are usually diets that do not work together with the consumption of drugs and supplements that are not only potentially harmful to health but are only one patch covering the real problem for a while.

Those who suffer from this disease usually:

  • Eat foods that are full of thyroid gland suppressors that were listed as healthy.
  • Ignore lots of essential nutrients your thyroid needs to function properly.
  • Get the hormones unbalanced to the point of constantly punishing the thyroid.
  • Use really dangerous supplements and drugs that instead of helping to improve the thyroid glands, they only do more damage.

This program is not a magic pill or powder that will solve and alleviate the problem of people. What this program is trying to demonstrate is that a person’s diet is the basis of health.

As soon as people can download the program, it will come with the following elements:

  • The complete Hypothyroidism Revolution system program
  • A 60-day step-by-step guide
  • The resource guide
  • The hypothyroidism diet guide
  • The supplement guide
  • The shopping list guide
  • The toxic home checklist
  • The symptoms checklist
  • The hypothyroidism cookbook

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Do you have any other benefits?

Yes, members can count on the following additional benefits:

  • Diet calculators: people can download their own templates to create their own meals and recipes in addition to accessing online calculators. Thanks to these templates, people should only mark the amount of the portions, the ingredients and the nutritional information of these.
  • Meal plans: It does not matter if you are male or female, whether you are young or old, whether you have an active metabolism or not, what matters with these meal plans is that people will be able to make a simple plan of the foods they will ingest in the coming days.
  • Daily food and mood logs: What these food and mood logs allow is for people to know what foods to eat in the day, as well as the temperature at which they should be consumed.
  • Supplemental eating plans: While you can start the program at any time of the year, it is recommended that this system be started in the summer season as there are more seasonal fruits and vegetables that are much cheaper. And these plans include:

-The slow and steady eating plan

-The traveler / workaholic eating plan

-The budget-friendly eating plan

-The chronic low-carb dieter eating plan

-The kid-friendly eating plan

  • Email coaching: you can get help and advice from the creator of this program, which are really motivational and informative, through email.

How does this program work?

The first thing that this program does is to demonstrate what are the errors and problems that people suffering from this disease commit:

  • They usually eat foods that are harmful to their health, and they do not know it.
  • They often think it’s what they eat when they actually need to pay attention to how they eat it.
  • They usually do not give importance to the hormone feedback cycle, which must be corrected.

It is explained that many times people consume foods that are classified as healthy and good when they are not. When using this program:

  • People will be able to regain control of their lives by finally putting an end to this disease at the root.
  • People can wake up and get up to start a new day in their energy-filled lives.
  • People will enjoy every second they spend close to family and friends.
  • People will be able to avoid premature aging and look much younger.
  • People can feel infinite energy throughout the day.
  • People will be able to handle any stress situations that may be present and feel much more relaxed.
  • People can feel happy and feel immense calm by having been able to get rid of their depression and anxiety.
  • People can increase their quality of life and improve it so they can spend many more years with the people they love.
  • People will be able to recover well and deep sleep.
  • People may notice that their hair, skin and nails are much softer and flawless.
  • People can achieve normal body weight without the need for restrictive diets that are harmful to the body.
  • People will be able to reduce or even eliminate the possibility of suffering from heart disease or cancer at some point in their lives.
  • People will be free from any kind of digestive problems or allergies.
  • People will have a truly powerful and strong immune system, resistant to any kind of infection.

Three phases will be experienced throughout the program:

  1. In the first phase people will experience increased energy levels and suppression of appetite.
  2. In the second phase people will be introduced to three nutrients that are the key if they want to reset hormonal problems.
  3. In the third phase, people should focus on continuing and maintaining the changes they have made.

Where can you get this program?

You can get this program on its official website ( in two different options: for $127 which is the manual on paper plus a CD or for $97 which is the online version. It has a guarantee that if after sixty days of the product being purchased the person is not satisfied with it, then the money will be refunded.

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