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In these modern times people find themselves with the impossible reality of having to maintain a life that is extremely healthy and much more active than they should (it is known that most people today are sedentary, this being one of the main causes of poor health). People think that by counting and reducing calories, or eliminating large groups of foods from everyday food, or doing too much physical activity of long duration and also intensity, they will stay healthy and active, but they are wrong.

All these three options mentioned above do is to damage the body and make it lose muscle, which is what helps people to lose fat and that is why many people who want to lose weight, following extremely restrictive diets or doing physical activity in excess, may not continue to lose weight after a certain point.

In addition to all this, you have to take into account the foods and beverages that the food industries bring to the market and sell to people as “healthy” when, in fact, they do all the opposite and are not as healthy as they claim to be.

Even stress (one of the most influential factors in today’s health) of people’s daily lives causes one to feel powerless to continue with their lives.

Surely, many people have tried with very restrictive diets, or they have ingested a greater amount of fruits and vegetables, or they have trained with more intensity and desire to achieve their goals.

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These options may have made a person achieve the goals he or she had to lose weight, to burn fat and to have the body of his or her dreams, but that wonderful world of joy and perfect bodies will not last long, because those diets or types of physical activity are not something that can be maintained over time.

These problems will never be problems anymore if a person learns to eat in a healthy way and allows his or her body to start all over again to get accustomed to what is good and what is not in his or her life. Thanks to The Organic 7 Day Total Body Reset people will learn what the body needs and how to know it needs.

Who is the creator of The Organic 7 Day Total Body Reset?

The creators of The Organic 7 Day Total Body Reset are:

  • Thomas DeLauer, who is a great bodybuilder and runner who used to be quite depressed and sad during all those years in which he was overweight (275 pounds). He could not find any magic diet that would give him the solution to all his problems. It did not matter what he did and it did not matter how much weight he could lose; all those pounds he had lost, he recovered them in a rebound effect. But he met someone who changed his wife’s life when she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, and it is this person who is the co-author of this program.
  • David Headley, a PhD who taught Thomas and his wife that people’s organisms do not all act in the same way and that what makes one person feel great it does not to another. He gave her the information she needed to change her habits little by little and made Thomas lose 70 pounds in a year.

What is The Organic 7 Day Total Body Reset?

The Organic 7 Day Total Body Reset is a program that is made for all those people who once sought a quick fix on weight loss magical diets and ended up realizing that none of that worked and they failed to lose weight, which led to greater despair and depression because of the disappointment caused.

But it is not made just for those people looking to lose weight, but also for those people who have been at war with being overweight due to a chronic inflammation.

In this 24-page ebook people will be able to find great quantity and variety of tips, recipes and recommendations to be able to realize a better physical activity and to be able to change the habits in their lives. This ebook is designed for the body to lose fat in a much more efficient way and in turn gain and tone muscle mass. It talks about how organic food is the one that will make a difference when it comes to weight loss.

What does The Organic 7 Day Total Body Reset do?

It is essential that:

  • People stop following rules and have restrictions regarding food because what all this achieves is that a person becomes obsessed and that their relationship with food is not the best, as well as worsen their social life because they will not want to go out with friends or family to eat for fear of not being able to resist the temptation and ruin everything achieved until that time.
  • People avoid prolonged and high intensity exercise, especially those that are cardiovascular, because it causes the body to accumulate more fat and make people feel hungrier.
  • People learn that restrictive diets are not fun and only serve for weight loss, but not for good health. These types of diets in which large groups of foods are restricted need great willpower and discipline, but can lead to malnutrition.
  • People know that an unhealthy diet will not only fail to achieve their goals of weight loss, but will not help to rebuild a better self-image. People will no longer look the way they looked in the mirror, but they will look even worse.
  • People keep in mind that they can achieve the body they desire with one of these diets, perhaps, but it will most likely cost them something valuable in doing so, and that is the enjoyment of life.

The Organic 7 Day Total Body Reset ebook is a program in which you will be given some tips and recommendations to restart the body and mind of each person so that they can have a healthy lifestyle, and the bodies of the people can achieve faster fat burning.

This ebook allows people to see and learn what foods are causing inflammation in their bodies, and why organic food works best in these cases. The creator of this program tries to make people stop following restrictive diets and start thinking about the foods they consume in order to have a healthier and longer life full of vitality and health.

With the recommendations provided by this book the metabolism of people will accelerate and it will burn fat in a faster and more effective way. Once all foods that are bad for people’s health are eliminated from their diet, they will begin to feel that the degree of their pain will decrease, they will feel more energetic and vital, they will feel that the health of the heart will have improved drastically, and they may have a better and greater weight loss.

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What are the benefits to be enjoyed with this program?

  • This program will not perform the tedious task of counting or reducing calories.
  • This program will teach you how to convert normal diet into an organic diet as organic products contain fewer pesticides and are less harmful to people’s health.
  • With this program there will be no need to perform extremely intense series of exercises, which are bad for the body.
  • With this program, and in just seven days, people will see how the inflammation of their bodies is reduced.
  • With this program people will see how their bodies are detoxifying in the day to day and how thanks to this they are feeling more energetic.
  • With this program people will start to have a better rest and to sleep better.
  • This program will improve the absorption of nutrients in order to have a better metabolism and reduce any possibility of suffering diseases related to being overweight.

You can find in the official page different opinions and stories told in first person by people who tried this program and achieved a radical change in their bodies and in their lives.

You can get The Organic 7 Day Total Body Reset on their official website ( for the incredible price of just $7. And it has double guarantee: the first one is the guarantee to return the money if you are not satisfied with the product for whatever reason, and the second one is the guarantee to return double the money if the complete program was done correctly and the results were not as expected.

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