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When you google ‘how to burn fat?’ or ‘weight loss’ there are so many options to open that you cannot decide which ones are good or do not. You can find homemade recipes, high-intensity exercises or low-fat diets that may be harmful to your life. Most of these programs do not differentiate between men and women and that is crucial for your bodies. You have to make a good decision when selecting which one is good for you and your body.

So, how does this system differ from others? What is the Venus Factor? Does the Venus Factor work? Is it effective? Is Venus Factor a scam? How long it takes to see the results in my body? These are some of the questions that we are going to answer in this Venus Factor review. There are many Venus Factor reviews so we are going to do a brief summary of the product. Our aim is to give advice to women when selecting an adequate diet and exercise system.

What is this Program?

This system is one of the few weight-loss program specially created for women. It has been designed to rebalance the hormones that control appetite and weight. Created by John Barban, writer and nutritionist, this program guarantees that you will have your body in shape in only 12 weeks.

When aging, a woman suffers from hormonal changes. This is due to many causes, such as pregnancy or menopause. These changes make difficult to maintain weight or stay in good shape. It concentrates on Leptin hormone which is the responsible for female metabolism.

In your program you will find advice in nutrition and dietary. Venus Factor diet takes into consideration nutritional needs that are essentially when beginning a diet. The nutritional needs are determined by height, age, fitness. It will help you to choose which foods are good for your body and the amount of calories intake that you need to ingest.

Along with this, you will receive an exercise program specially designed for women’s body. You can do these exercises at the gym or for the ones that do not want to go to the gym or do not have time you can even do them at home!

When buying the program, you get access to the Venus Factor Community. This community will help you and support you in your path to a healthy life style. You will have access to the forum, blog, etc. and you will get to know other people that are using the program. You will also get rapid weight loss tips from John Barban himself.

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How does this System Works?

As we know, women has difficulties in maintaining their weight and their body fit. The creator of the program realized that the main cause of this problem is the level of the hormone Leptin in their system. Due to the reasons mentioned above, women’s body get more resistant to this hormone and burning fat becomes progressively more difficult.

What makes this system unique is that it has been designed especially and exclusively for women’s body. Besides, it takes 12 weeks to complete it, so it is not like other programs that take less time but with a high impact in your health.

The aim of the Metabolic Override Program created by John Barban is to make women’s body sensitivity towards Leptin hormone present in blood. In simple words, you can eat foods that other programs forbid you without gaining weight.

One significant thing about this work-out program is that it is adapted to your needs and lifestyle. You will not have to sacrifice a night out with your friends because of the food. It is the ideal program for women!

It also has an exercise program exclusively created for the parts of your body that are more difficult to burn fat. There are specific exercises for your butt and stomach. So you will finally be able to wear that swimsuit and feel really great!

What is Inside your Venus Factor Program?

The System is composed by the following items:

  • The Diet Guide: This part will help you to follow a simple, balanced and healthy diet. It will explain which foods increase the Leptin resistance in your body and which ones increase the sensitivity towards this hormone. Unlike another low-fat diets, you will not have to starve yourself in order to lose weight.

This diet also helps you to maintain your weight once you lost it. Most of the programs help you to lose weight but do not advise you how to keep it. Therefore, you will get fat again. The program accompanies you during and after the process. You can download Venus Factor PDF guide, so you will not need to print it and waste a lot of paper.

  • The Workout Program: It is planned to last 3 months (12 weeks). You can do these exercises either at home or at the gym as your convenience. You can easily follow the step-by-step demonstration of the exercises. This effective type of workout helps you to get the perfect hourglass body shape.

These videos are available on the Internet were you can watch them online. Besides, you can download Venus Factor on every devise, making easier to do these exercises wherever and whenever you want.

  • The Virtual Nutritionist App: Instead of spending tons of money and time in going to the nutritionist, you can easily download this app in your devices. You can control your calorie and protein intake and measuring them against what are the ideal amount for your body according to your weight and height.
  • The Venus Index Podcast: This part of the program was created so as you never feel alone in your journey for a healthier and fitter body. You will be able to connect to other women that are going through the same struggling and this will help you to get through this very difficult process.
  • The Venus Community: This is another helpful platform for women using Venus Factor. In this site you have access to recipes and tips for weight loss. You may also connect with other women using this program in the forum and read their stories. Knowing new people and making friends is part of the process, too.

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Pros and Cons of Venus Factor

Here is a summary of the positive and negative aspects of this program:


  • Step-by-step program, easy to follow;
  • Helps to control the resistance towards Leptin hormone;
  • Designed exclusively for shaping female body;
  • Helps to save money and time in going to the nutritionist and the gym;
  • Customer support all day, during and after finishing the program;
  • Quick results for weight loss;
  • Money refund in 60 days, risk-free arrangement;
  • Ecological; easily downloadable Venus Factor pdf and videos.


  • Results may not be appear quickly, this makes you lose your initial motivation.
  • It is design only for women, men will not be able to use it.
  • It takes a lot of time and work, you must be fully committed to change.

Conclusion of this Venus Factor Review

Despite the fact that it takes a lot of time to see actual results, as many other Venus Factor reviews highlight, it is a very effective and unique program. Since it has been created only for women, you will feel comfortable with the workout and the diet guide. It is supported by scientific research, assuring that it is safe and healthy for your body. Other Venus Factor reviews may point out that the fact that is especially for women is a flaw. However, this is a more a positive aspect than a negative one, since it really understand that each gender has different needs and requires different type of exercise.

You can download Venus Factor System from the official website. You have to pay for it, but you will actually be saving a lot of money in personal trainers or nutritionist that may not be trustworthy. Besides, if you do not feel satisfied with the product, you have a money refund guarantee of 60 days.

It is important also to highlight the Venus Community. This makes this system unique. You will feel accompanied during the whole process and you will have access to it 24/7. You can make friends in this community and even organize trips with them. So, after reading this Venus Factor review, prepare yourself to make a change of your lifestyle and start feeling good with your body.

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